LED Wires and Cables

Illuminate your spaces seamlessly with our premium collection of LED Wires and Cables, meticulously designed to power up your LED Strip Lights efficiently. These versatile cables are the unseen heroes behind the luminescent glow of LED strips, ensuring a steady and reliable flow of power to create consistent illumination.

Featured Products:

CCT 3 Core LED Strip Cable Wire 12/24V:
Specially engineered for CCT LED Strip Lights, this 3 Core Cable Wire guarantees optimal performance and connectivity. Whether you’re working with 12V or 24V systems, this wire ensures your lights glow steadily and vibrantly.

RGB 4 Core LED Strip Cable Wire 12/24V:
Designed for RGB LED Strip Lights, this 4 Core Cable Wire with 12V / 24V compatibility is the ideal choice for a colourful illumination experience. It promises smooth transitions between colours, ensuring a vibrant display of lights.

Extra Power Cable For Single Colour 12V/24V LED Strip Lights:
Supply additional power to your Single Colour LED Strip Lights using this extra power cable. Compatible with both 12V and 24V, it’s the perfect solution for elongating your LED light strips without compromising on brightness.

RGBW 5 Core LED Strip Cable Wire 12/24V:
Maximise the potential of your RGBW LED Strip Lights with this 5 Core Cable Wire. Compatible with 12V / 24V, it facilitates the vivid display of multicoloured lights with an added white channel, enhancing the overall ambience of your space.