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Simply Quality LED Lighting

LED Lighthouse specialist supplier of quality LED lighting

Preferred Supplier of LED Strip Lighting to Professional Installers

LED Lighthouse has established itself as a popular supplier of LED Strip Lighting to professional installers. For professional installations it's crucial to 'get it right first time' with the reassurance that the LED Strip kit is safe and reliable. We believe our products and our technical advice are second to none.

Large or Small LED Strip Installations, Trade or Retail – LED Lighthouse Can Help!

Most of our clients are professional installers who have tried and tested our products and service, coming back time and again. However if you're a private customer with a small installation, or a professional contractor with a one off requirement we can help you too. We'll work with you to plan the best installation based on your requirements, putting together a bespoke kit to suit your needs.

Developing Our Own Professional Grade LED Strip Light

Unlike many LED Strip suppliers, we're able to control the quality of our product. We've invested in the design and build of our own LED Strip range in order to offer a professional grade LED Strip that will stand the test of time. We're so confident in our LED Strip we've put a 5 year warranty on it!

LED Strips now available in Lengths of up to 10m

Commercial lighting projects tend to be on a large scale and benefit from using long lengths of LED strip. We've developed a range of 24V LED strips available in lengths of up to 10m. We've a wealth of experience in planning and supplying large LED strip kits. We regularly work with clients on installations of over 1,000m of LED strip.

Why is our LED Strip so Popular?

LED lighting is becoming very popular primarily for energy saving reasons. However, our LED strip has also revolutionised the way we think about lighting.

Lighting a room isn't limited to hanging a bulb from a ceiling or strategically placing lamps. Our LED Strip is so versatile; its flexible nature, self adhesive backing and waterproof properties allow it to be used in so many places. It's often used in kitchens (above and below wall units and under floor units), in bathrooms (around the back of wall mirrors to create a halo effect), in living spaces behind coving, or even behind furniture. Commercial applications include lighting signs, retail display, task lighting on production lines etc.

Our LED strip lights can also be operated in various ways: remote control, touch sensitive wall controllers, via a WiFi device or simply a traditional light switch. One controller can operate LED strips in multiple locations and since our LED Strip is dimmable, the light level can be adjusted accordingly. Choose between white, green, red, blue, pink, orange or even colour changing light.

Benefits of using LED strip lights instead of fluorescent tubes or capsule type halogen spot lights include…

  • LED strip lighting uses up to 90% less energy than halogen and 50% less than fluorescent tubes
  • LED lights last much longer then halogen or fluorescent lighting
  • Our latest LED Strip lights give a strong even spread of light
  • Our LED light strips are available in full range of white colour temperatures with no UV light emitted.
  • The amount of heat created by LED strip lights is minimal compared to halogen lighting
  • The super slim design of LED strip lighting means you see the light, not the fitting
  • Easy, quick installation of LED strip lighting with self adhesive backing
  • Our LED strip lights are also waterproof to IP65 or IP68 and run off 12V low voltage, making them safer in wet areas.

Huge Energy Savings with our Super Bright LED Floodlights

Reduce your lighting bill by up to 90% when using our LED floodlights instead of traditional lighting technology. Our LED floodlights are often used as security lighting, indoor flood lighting, outdoor sports field lighting in fact anywhere that requires high power flood effect lighting. We offer a selection of LED floodlights including 10 watt, 20 watt and 50 watt power outputs. The added benefit with LED floodlights is longevity, reducing maintenance costs and the inconvenience of changing bulbs.

State of the art LED Downlights and LED Ceiling Lights

Our LED downlights offer an alternative to GU10 and MR16- bulbs. LED downlights and LED Ceiling Lights are generally larger and produce more light, they are also supplied as a complete purpose built unit - no additional frame, lamp holder or transformer required. They are a true replacement for Halogen 50 watt bulbs in terms of light output.

LED Garden Lights - Brilliantly Bright, Ultra Efficient LED Outdoor Lights

With our LED garden lights it's now possible to light your garden without burning a hole in your pocket. Top quality LED outdoor lights, attractive designs, great light output with the latest LED technology built in. Enjoy the outdoors even when it's dark while increasing the security of your home.

A Perfect Alternative to Tradtional 60 Watt Filament Bulbs!

Finally an LED bulb suitable for replacing 60 Watt incandescent bulbs. Some of our B22 LED bulbs and E27 LED bulbs use just 6 Watts of energy but look and feel just like a traditional bulb.

Fitted with the latest LED Filament technology and available in large bayonet B22, edison screw E27 or small screw E14 varieties, there's no longer a compromise between efficiency and illumination. LED bulbs are designed as retrofit items; in most cases simply remove the old bulb and install an up-to-date high efficiency LED bulb.

Next Generation Super Bright LED Lighting

LED lighting technology is progressing at an astonishing rate. Here at LED Lighthouse we pride ourselves in offering some of the brightest, most efficient and reliable LED lighting currently available. Using the latest technology our super bright LED lights won't leave you in the dark.

High Power LED Lights

Often referred to as high power LED lights because of their bright LED light output, they're still relatively efficient. In fact comparing a halogen GU10 bulb with one of our GU10 LED bulbs, the high power LED version uses 80% less electricity while providing a comparable light output. Bright LED lights are now an attractive alternative to traditional lighting.

Chosing the Right LED Lighting for You

Selecting the right LED strip lighting for you installation can be challenging. We want to make sure your happy with the products you've chosen. Colour changing LED lights (RGB/RGBW) are perfect for setting the mood or bringing an exciting athmosphere to any room. White LED lighting is ideal for task lighting and subtle background lights in almost any enviroment.

Warm, Natural, Pure or Cool White LED Lights?

With the current technological advances, our LED lighting is offered in four main variants: warm white, natural white, pure white and cool white LED lights (often known as day white). Visit our Light Colour Page to view the difference.