White LED Strip Lights

Most White LED strips on the market are either fitted with “3528” or “5050” LEDs. We’ve retired these in favour of the new and improved “3014” and “2835” LED from market leaders Epistar.

These ‘next generation’ LED chips consume similar power to their predecessors, while producing approximately 20% more light. This is due in part to the built in heat sink fitted to the underside of the LED. While increasing efficiency this also extends life and reliability of the LED. The 3528 and 5050 LED have no heat sink at all!

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White LED Strip Lights Information

12V or 24V LED Strip – What’s the difference?

White 12V LED strips are supplied in lengths of up to 5m and can be cut every 3 LED’s. White 24V LED strips are the same brightness but can be supplied in lengths of up to 10m and can be cut every 6 LED’s

LED Strip Brightness

The brightness is related to the power consumption of the LED strip. Generally the higher the power consumption, the brighter the strip.


Colour Temperature Options

The shade of white is very important and sets the tone for the room. Our warm white is ideal for a traditional (cosy) feel, while our pure and cool give a modern (fresh) feel.

Not All White LED Strips Are Waterproof

Most of our white LED Tapes are splashproof (IP65), protecting the LEDs from the environment. Our IP68 white LED Strip lights are fully waterproof and encapsulated in a silicone housing. The IP65 strips can be cut to length; the cut end requires no finishing. Once cut, peel off the 3M self-adhesive backing and connect to a 12V or 24V LED Driver depending on the type of LED Strip.

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White LED Strip Lights