LED Driver Power Supplies

Our LED Strip lights require a 12V or 24V supply. Traditional transformers are not suitable for LED as they’re often not stable enough. An LED Driver is designed specifically for the job. We stock both ‘standard’ and ‘mains dimmed’ LED drivers. Use our Driver Calculator to find out which driver is required.

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Standard or dimmable LED Driver Power Supply?

Standard LED Drivers: Suitable for lighting circuits with no dimmer control, or a dimmer/controller is used but after the LED Driver in the circuit. RGB, RGBW and CCT (adjustable white) LED Strip will always use a standard LED driver. This is because the LED controller used will dim the lights as required. Mains Dimmed LED Drivers: Suitable when a traditional Triac/Leading/Trailing mains dimmer switch is used.
0/1-10V Dimmed LED Drivers: Suitable when a 0/1-10V dimmer switch is used.

Single-colour LED strip lights, including white, can use either a standard power supply, mains dimmed or 0/1-10v version depending on how you would like to dim the LED lights.



1.) What is an LED driver?

An LED driver is a device that provides and regulates the necessary power to ensure that an LED operates correctly. They help maintain constant brightness and protect LEDs from voltage fluctuations. For more information on What is an LED Driver?


2.) Why do LEDs need drivers?

LEDs require a driver because they run on low-voltage direct current (DC) power. A driver helps convert higher voltage alternating current (AC) to the appropriate voltage and current level.


3.) Are LED drivers the same as transformers?

No, while both regulate power, an LED driver specifically manages the power required for an LED or a string of LEDs, ensuring they get the correct voltage and current.


4.) Can I use any LED driver for my LED light?

No, the LED driver must match the LED’s voltage and current requirements. Always check the specifications of both the LED and the driver before pairing them. Find out what LED Driver you need for your project with our LED Driver Calculator.


5.) How long do LED drivers last?

The lifespan of an LED driver varies depending on its quality, usage, and environmental conditions. However, good-quality LED drivers typically last between 30,000 to 50,000 hours.


6.) What is a dimmable LED driver?

A dimmable LED driver allows you to adjust the light output of an LED. Not all LEDs or drivers have this capability, so always ensure compatibility if you need dimming.


7.) Can I replace an LED driver myself?

If you have basic electrical knowledge and experience, you can replace an LED driver. However, always ensure power is turned off before attempting any electrical work and consider consulting or hiring a professional for safety reasons.


8.) What are the common reasons for LED driver failure?

Overheating, power surges, and the natural end of the product’s lifespan are common reasons. Always ensure proper ventilation and use surge protectors to extend the life of your LED driver. Find out how to test your LED Driver


9.) Are LED drivers interchangeable?

Not necessarily. While some LED drivers might have similar output specifications, there can be differences in dimming capabilities, form factor, efficiency, and other attributes. It’s essential to ensure that the replacement driver meets the voltage and current requirements of the LED or LED strip.


10.) Do LED downlights need a driver?

Yes, most LED downlights require a driver to regulate the power supplied to the LED. The driver ensures that the LED downlight receives the correct voltage and current to operate efficiently and safely. Some LED downlights come with integrated drivers, while others need an external driver.

LED Driver Power Supplies