LED Strip Lights

We stock a wide variety of LED Strip Lights in both 12v and 24v. Our LED Strip can be used for both mood light and task lighting. The red, green and blue LED Strip Lighting can create any colour you wish.

More about LED Strip Lights

Professional grade LED Strip Lights and knowledgeable customer service helping you buy the right LED strip for your project. Huge selection including white, CCT adjustable, RGB, RGBW, 12V and 24V. Supplying to Retail and Trade customers.

LED Strip consists of a thin flexible circuit board, made of copper with LEDs mounted at regular intervals to the front and a self adhesive tape to the back. When lit the LEDs light forward from the top of the strip. Due to being relatively inexpensive, easy to install and versatile LED strip Lights are quickly becoming a popular choice to lift the mood in any space.

This photo was supplied by one of our retail customers. We worked with them from start to finish, advising on all aspects of the LED strip light installation.

LED Strip Lights
  • About our LED Light Strip

    With a huge choice of LED Strip Lights to choose from, there’s a suitable LED strip for most lighting requirements. The colour, brightness and length of an LED strip can be chosen allowing the creation of bright task lighting, accent lighting or coloured mood lighting.

    Some popular applications of LED strip lights include:

    • Around dropped ceilings
    • Under and above kitchen/bathroom cabinets
    • Around kick panels
    • Backlighting wall mirrors and TVs
    • Around ceiling coving
    • Inside wardrobes and cupboards
    • Inside shelves shining up or down
    • Under staircase treads
    • Around sky lights
    • Under steps outdoors
    • Around roof lines
    • Sign lighting
    • Glass Balustrade lighting

    Shopping Centre Lights Updated Using Our RGBW LED Tape

    The photo below was supplied by one of our trade customers who installed lighting to the communal areas of a shopping centre. The installation required over one thousand metres of RGBW LED Strip, all controlled from a central point. We supplied the entire kit, including: LED Drivers, LED Strip and DMX controllers. This was a retrofit installation, certain parts of the installation could not be reached by wire so our wireless DMX controllers were utilised.

    One Of Our Retail Customers Installations

    This photo was taken by one of our retail customers. This particular customer brought in a sample of the paneling they planned to use to help them choose the correct lighting. Using our Pure White (5000k) edge lit LED Strip lights, the customer got the perfect effect for their newly decorated living room.

    How are LED Strip Lights supplied and how do they work?

    Our LED strip lights require a 12V or 24V supply, this means you’ll need a constant Voltage LED driver to step mains AC voltage down to 12/24V DC. LED drivers can power multiple strips, limited only by the maximum output power of the driver.

    We supply LED strip lights in increments of a metre, so 12V strips are generally available in 1,2,3,4 or 5m strips, 24V strips in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10m. Each LED strip we supply has a cable to one end which takes the low voltage feed.

    Our LED strips can be cut shorter if required using a pair of scissors. The cut points are marked by copper terminals on the top of the LED strip light and are usually spaced 25,50 or 100mm apart.

    Single colour LED strips (white, pink, blue etc.) can be dimmed with the appropriate driver or low voltage dimmer. There are several ways to dim LED strip lights, we can advise the best solution for your installation and requirement ranging from a traditional wall dimmer switch, remote or touch panel multi zone control.

    Wiring simple circuits of LED strip Lighting

    Single colour LED strip installations (as above) are relatively straightforward to wire. Simply connect each LED strip light with a driver using the cables on the end of each strip. Multiple LED strip lights can be added to one driver up to it’s maximum power capacity. Larger installations involving dimmers or colour controllers take a bit of thought, we specialise in advising and planning all types of LED strip light installations with a wealth of experience.

    Need help planning an installation? We help many of our customers plan LED strip light installations ensuring the simplest most efficient and robust installation possible. Call or email us today to start planning your own installation!

    Many of our customers email a professional or hand-sketched plan which can be useful (but isn’t compulsory). If you email a plan we’ll use it as a guide when designing the LED strip installation.

    For any installation guidance, please either visit our Installation Guides page or give us a call.


    Which LED Strip Light is right for your installation?

    First decide on the colour of light: there are different shades of white, or you could choose red, green, blue, orange, adjustable colour (RGB) or adjustable colour plus white (RGBW)

    Next decide on the brightness. Five watts per metre of LED strip is good for accent/background lighting, 14 Watts/m is ideal for primary or task lighting.

    Our LED strip lights run on 12V or 24V DC, so require a suitable LED Driver to power them.
    To dim single colour or white strip lights you’ll need a dimmable power supply or a 12V dimmer. See our Dimming section.
    RGB and RGBW strip lights need a LED Colour Controller to select different colours/effects.

    Our Flexible LED strip lights have a 3M self adhesive backing and are waterproof, so they are easy to install in a variety of places. For an even more professional look, install LED Strip inside one of our Aluminium Profiles.

    Quality LED Strip Lights

    Most LED strips look similar at a glance. However (like most electronics), there’s a huge difference on closer inspection. Our LED strip lights aren’t the cheapest available*; that’s not our focus. We’re dedicated to selling high quality LED Strip Lights at a reasonable price. We have a strong reputation for quality and technical knowledge second to none which makes us the best choice.
    *In fact ours work out cheapest in the long run, because they last longer.

    We have supplied LED Strip direct to electrical wholesalers, signage companies, sauna installers, home cinema and audio visual installers, restaurants, commercial contractors, film production companies, kitchen fitters, electricians and domestic users.

    LED Tape Lights – Built to our design!

    Design features include:

    • Double thickness circuit board – Better heat sink for LEDs and improved reliability
    • White circuit board – attractive appearance with better light reflection
    • Top grade LEDs manufactured by Epistar and Sanan – Bright, efficient and reliable
    • Quality resistors – Important for reliable efficient LED strip lights
    • High copper content (1 or 2 ounce copper) circuit board – More efficient, reduced voltage drop, brighter, cooler operating temperature
    • Genuine 3M self adhesive backing – Ensures a secure fit


    LED Strip Lights- Designed to last

    Our LED Strip circuits are design not to over power the LEDs. LEDs are designed to work within a specific current range. To make an LED strip Light brighter at no extra cost, a manufacturer could design the circuit to increase the electrical current to each LED. Unfortunately for many manufacturers, it’s common practice. Overpowering an LED has a detrimental effect on an LED’s life span. We take care to slightly underpower each LED, keeping it within the specified current rating.

    Benefits of our Nano Tech waterproof coating

    Our Nano Tech ultra-thin waterproof coating is lighter, thinner and offers better protection than gel coating.

    • Keeps a low operating temperature, which extends the lifespan of the LEDs.
    • Protects against steam and water ingress, unlike non-waterproof LED strip lighting.
    • Doesn’t discolour over time like traditional gel/silicone waterproof coatings can.
    • The lighter LED strip is less likely to unstick itself.

    What is the best LED Strip Lights to buy?

    There are several factors involved when considering the “best LED Strip Light to buy”. What’s “best” for one installation might not be “best” for another. Considerations include:

    • Light colour
    • Brightness
    • LED strip dimensions
    • Direction of light output
    • Waterproof rating
    • Warranty period and customer care

    Light colour, choose from different shades of white (ultra warm, warm, natural, pure, cool), fixed single colours (red, green, blue, pink, orange), colour changing RGB, colour change and white (RGBW).

    Brightness, the total amount of light output, measured in lumens. Task and display lighting tends to require brighter LED Strip with a higher lumen output. Accent and mood lighting benefits from being less bright, to create a subtle lighting effect.

    LED Strip Dimensions, length, width and thickness. LED Strips are usually manufactured in lengths of 5m or 10m depending on the voltage of the circuit board. Most of our LED strips are available in cut lengths, to the nearest metre. They can be cut further on installation in increments of 25mm to 100mm. In addition to the length, it’s worth checking the width and thickness of an LED strip before purchase to ensure it will fit in the intended location.

    Direction of light output, front or side lit? Most LED strips light out from the front, perpendicular to the mounted surface. However, side lit LED strips are also available, lighting out of the side of the LED strip, parallel to the mounted surafce.

    Waterproof rating, ranging from IP22 to IP68. IP stands for Ingress Protection. LED strips with no protective coating have a rating of IP22. They don’t provide any protection against water ingress. Most of our LED strips have a rating of at least IP65, guarding against water droplets and moisture in the atmosphere, ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. IP68 LED Strips are fully submersible, giving the ultimate in water protection.

    Warranty period, indicates the retailer’s confidence in quality and reliability. Providing the retailer is well established and able to honour their warranty, go for the longest warranty period possible. We offer 5 years warranty on most of our LED strips and have been established since 2011.

    Can you cut LED Strip Lights and still work?

    Yes, LED strip lights are cuttable. Low voltage LED Strip lights are much safer and easier to cut compared to mains voltage ones. Simply by using a pair of scissors, cut at the designated cut point marked on the LED Strip, in intervals ranging from 25mm to 100mm, depending on the LED strip chosen. Except for IP67 and IP68 LED Strips, once the end is cut, no further work is required.

    What are the cons of LED Strip Lights

    Too much choice! Gone are the days of lighting a space with a light bulb and calling it a day. It can be a little overwealming when buying LED strips for the first time. A bit of time researching the best LED Strip to suit your application is time well spent. If you’re unsure, contact a company that specialises in LED Strips, they can guide you through the process, ensuring you get the end result you’re looking for and products that will last.

    Longevity. This can be an issue for poor quality LED Strips. There are thousands of LED strip manufacturers around the world and thousdands of components to choose from when building LED strips. Buy from a well established company that specialises in LED strips, their reputation relies on quality products. Also check warranty periods and customer reviews.

    Price. Innitially LED Strip Lights are more costly than a few light bulbs. However lighting these days is no longer just functional, it’s decorative too. Lighting, now more than ever is an integral part of design. LED Strip lights are so versatile and effective, lending themselves to endless applications, uplifting the appearance of any space. LED Lights are very energy efficient, over the long term they are cheaper to run than conventional lights.

    How Long do LED Strips last?

    Good quality LED Strip Lights should last at least 5 years. To increase longevity, ensure LED strip is kept away from direct heat and mounted to a heat sink, heat can shorten LED life. Also ensure adequate protection from the elements, many LED strips are supplied with waterproof coatings if necessary. A suitable LED Driver (power supply) must be used, an unstable voltage will damage LEDs.

    How many LED Strips do I need for a room?

    It can be difficult estimating how many LED strips are required for a room when using them for the first time. LED Strips are available in different brightnesses and colours. First decide on the exact locations of the LED strips, and measure the length of each LED strip required. Then decide on the colour and brightness of the LED strip required, based on the light output (lumens) per metre stated by the manufacturer. For further guidence, consult a lighting specialist, we can help! Alternatively purchase just enough lighting strip for one location as a sample.

    How do you connect LED Strip Lights after cutting?

    Once an LED Strip Light has been cut, connect a cable to it by either using a “clip on” connector or soldering a cable directly to the circuit board. Soldered connections are more robust, we recommend this type of connection, however clip on connectors are also available if soldering is not an option, we have a variety of these.

    How do you connect two LED Strip lights to one power source?

    There’s two ways of connecting two LED Strips to one power source:

    • Connecting two LED Strips in Parallel. Both LED strips are connected directly to the power source by wire, the wire can be shared or not by the two LED Strips.
    • The second (inferior) option is to connect them in series. This involves connecting the second LED strip to the end of the first LED strip, either directly or by wire. The first LED strip connects directly with the power source, the second LED strip is powered via the first, resulting in a voltage drop.