LED Profiles – A Complete Guide To Our Aluminium Housings

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Let’s take a look at our range of LED profiles and their versatile installation applications. 

The popularity of LED lighting has risen dramatically in recent years. It’s uses are only limited by your imagination. As the applications for LED strip lighting grows, so does the range of accessories and profiles available.

Which LED profile is best for me?

Choosing the right LED profile for you depends on a few factors-

  • Which LED strip light are you using? All of our aluminium LED housings will accommodate every one of our IP65 rated LED strips.
  • Where are you installing the LED profile? If you’re using the LED profile in your kitchen to light a work top then we’d recommend either the Square, Shallow or Corner LED profile. If you’re looking at using the LED strip light in your ceiling, then we’d suggest the Plaster In LED profile.
  • Personal choice. Much like the LED lights themselves, choosing the correct profile for your home is very much down to personal choice.

Why use LED Profiles?

Our LED profiles can help create that dramatic effect you’re looking for. Simply sticking the LED strip in the desired location can let the installation down and not give the desired, professional look. Using a profile will mean when the LED strip is not illuminated the installation looks tidy and professional. The profiles will hide away your LEDs offering a sleek design which will modernise any space whether it’s along a school hallway or along your kitchen skirting. LED profiles will also help protect the strip inside from dust and any environmental debris such as steam and cooking produce.

Led Light Strips in Green by a doorway


Installing LED Profiles

Each of our LED profiles can be installed using various methods. For example, the Box section profile has plastic mounting clips that can be screwed in place prior to fitting the LED profile to make sure the light shines in the desired location. You can also use a good adhesive to stick the LED profile in place which would give a more seamless finish.

The majority of our LED aluminium housings are available in 1m and 2m lengths. For longer runs, we’d suggest butting up the aluminium LED profiles and staggering the diffuser covers to give a nice, clean finish.

Our Plaster in LED profile is designed to sit in between 2 plasterboards and then skim up to the lip of the profile. Once completed you will only see the diffuser cover of the profile itself.

How to plan the installation of your LED Profiles and Strip Lights

As with any LED installation, the more work that is up into the ‘first fix’ stage, the easier the final fitting will be.

Using a spirit level when fitting the LED profile can be a great tool to help get a straight edge for fixing the mounting clips. We usually suggest using 3 clips per 2m length of the profile to avoid any complications in the future.

Our Thin Recessed LED profile is ideal for downlighting spaces such as bookshelves, wardrobes and tiled areas. The housing can be routed into any timber surface and the small shoulder on either side of the profile will hide any discrepancies from cutting.



Which diffuser cover should I use?

With the majority of our LED profiles, we offer 2 diffuser covers, opaque and clear. The opaque cover is a frosted cover which will help blend the light and reduce any of the dotting effects you sometimes see with LED strip lights. When the lights are not illuminated you would simply see a frosted cover and the aluminium LED housing. The clear diffuser cover is completely transparent and you can see the LED strip inside the profile.

LED Strips on a Bar


Key points to consider when using LED Profile-

1.) None of the ‘Clip-On’ connectors will fit inside the LED profile. The connectors are too bulky and don’t fit in the profile. We suggest soldering on the LED strip where required to avoid using the connectors.

LED Strip Connectors


2.) Creating a corner using LED profile. To create any degree corner using the aluminium housing, we’d suggest a mitre saw set to the correct angle you need. You could also use a mitre block to cut at pre-set angles. 

Thin Recessed LED Housing

3.)Fixing the aluminium LED profile. Most of our LED profiles come with mounting clips but you can also glue the profile in place or screw through the back to hold it securely.

Super Slim Flexible Mounting Clips (Pack of 4)


4.) All of our diffuser covers will clip into their relevant LED aluminium housings. Some of the other LED profiles available require the diffuser cover to be slid in from one end or the other making installations much more challenging.

LED Profile – Extrusions & Casings








LED Driver Calculator

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Try our LED Driver calculator to work out the size of the LED power supply required for your LED installation.

More Resources

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Below are a few useful guides to helping you choose the right LED lighting for you project. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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