LED Lighting Grants for Schools in 2023

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Energy efficiency in schools is a critical issue, particularly in the face of rising energy prices worldwide. The UK government’s investment in energy efficiency upgrades for schools, coupled with initiatives like the ECA scheme, offer substantial support for schools looking to transition to energy-saving technologies like LED lighting.

What is the Energy Efficiency Grant for Schools?

In the face of growing energy costs worldwide, the UK government has launched a commendable initiative to shield schools and colleges from high energy bills. A robust investment of £500 million has been dedicated to energy efficiency upgrades across educational establishments in England. This funding is aimed at helping schools manage their energy consumption better, save on bills during the winter months, and become more energy efficient and resilient for future years.

Primary schools are estimated to receive an average of £16,000, secondary schools £42,000, and further education college groups a substantial £290,000. The funding can be utilized for a range of improvements such as installing better heating controls, insulation to reduce heat loss from pipes, or switching to energy-efficient lighting such as LED.

Investment to shield schools from high energy bills and boost to budgets


Importance of Energy Efficiency in Schools

Energy efficiency in schools is not merely about cost-saving; it’s a response to global energy crises and a step towards a sustainable future. As Education Secretary Gillian Keegan stated, the Russian-Ukraine conflict has led to a surge in energy prices worldwide. It is thus imperative to make classrooms more energy efficient and resilient to price fluctuations. This initiative allows school and college leaders to invest in necessary work promptly, ensuring a warm and safe teaching environment.

Practical Measures for Energy Efficiency

Among the many strategies to enhance energy efficiency, one of the most effective measures schools can implement is the transition to LED lighting. Replacing outdated, inefficient lights, such as fluorescent lights, with LED lights can reduce energy consumption from lighting by over 84%.

Alongside movement and daylight sensors, LED lights are a cost-effective solution to manage schools’ lighting. It is advised to assign responsibility to individuals to ensure lights are switched off when not in use, maximise the use of natural daylight, and install energy-efficient light fittings. Timers and motion sensors can be installed to ensure that lights are only switched on when the area is in use, further maximising energy savings.

Operating Lease as a Funding Option

An operating lease presents a viable funding option for schools and colleges looking to upgrade to LED lighting or install solar PV projects. This lease allows educational institutions to install energy efficiency measures with no upfront costs. The repayment of the lease is structured over a period of time, using the savings made from the energy efficiency measures. This way, schools can invest in energy-saving technologies without straining their budgets.

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme is another initiative that schools can leverage to invest in energy-saving products like LED lighting. The scheme allows businesses to claim a 100% first-year allowance for investments in new and unused equipment like energy-efficient lighting. This means that the full cost of these assets can be deducted from profits before tax in the first year, providing significant tax relief and incentivizing energy efficiency.

Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools

Energy Efficiency and Cost-Saving: LED lights consume significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting systems. They can reduce a school’s energy consumption by more than 50%, leading to substantial savings on energy bills. Moreover, LED lights last up to 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs, minimizing the costs and time spent on maintenance and replacements.

Improved Learning Environment: The quality of lighting significantly impacts the learning environment. LED lights produce consistent, high-quality light that reduces strain on students’ eyes, improving their comfort and concentration levels. The right lighting can aid reading, writing, and other academic activities, ultimately enhancing the student’s overall performance.

Environmental Sustainability: Switching to LED lighting is an impactful step towards reducing a school’s carbon footprint. LED lights emit less heat, reducing the need for air conditioning during warmer months. Additionally, unlike fluorescent bulbs, they do not contain harmful substances like mercury, making them safer for the environment.

Control and Customisation: Modern LED systems offer advanced control features, such as dimming, zoning, and daylight harvesting. This allows for adjustments to lighting according to the task or time of day, further increasing energy savings and enhancing the learning environment.

Well-being and Health: High-quality LED lighting can positively influence students’ well-being and health. LEDs can mimic natural light, regulating students’ circadian rhythms and improving their mood and alertness. This can potentially reduce absenteeism and improve students’ academic performance.

LED Light in Uk School

LED Lightings for Schools:

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a versatile, energy-efficient lighting solution ideal for schools. Their adaptability enhances learning environments by providing high-quality, comfortable lighting in classrooms, libraries, and labs. They also serve as accent lights, highlighting key areas or objects, and adding visual appeal. Safety is enhanced when LED strip lights are used in stairs, hallways, and outdoor spaces, reducing accident risks. Theatres and auditoriums can leverage these lights for dynamic stage lighting.

LED strips can also impact mood, aiding in focused learning or relaxation, and can be especially beneficial in special education needs environments. Additionally, their implementation can be a tangible lesson in energy efficiency and sustainability for students. Overall, LED strip lights offer a cost-effective solution that enhances aesthetics, safety, and the learning atmosphere in the school.

LED Strip Lights


LED Neon Flex Strip

LED Neon Flex Strips can significantly enhance a school’s environment and identity. They can be customized to display school colours or emblems, reinforcing school spirit in entrances or common areas. Their bright, clear glow is ideal for safety signage, highlighting exits and evacuation routes. These strips offer unique accent lighting, creating inviting and stimulating learning spaces, and can add a professional touch to stage decor during events.

Their weather-resistant qualities allow for outdoor use, improving visibility and safety in playgrounds or sports fields. Finally, integrating Neon Flex Strips into lessons about energy efficiency offers a practical learning opportunity for students. Overall, LED Neon Flex Strips provide a visually compelling, energy-efficient, and versatile lighting solution that boosts school identity, enhances safety, and serves as a teaching tool for sustainable practices.

LED Neon Flex Strip

LED Festoon Lights 

Festoon lights are a charming addition to school environments, including nurseries and outdoor play areas. These string lights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for events, parties, or simply adding a touch of magic to everyday surroundings. They can also be used to decorate school courtyards, study areas or designated chill out spots, enhancing the overall ambiance and encouraging creative interactions among students. Their soft, ambient glow contributes to a cosy and welcoming environment, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

LED Festoon Lights



LED Profile

LED profiles, or aluminium channels, house LED strip lights, enhancing aesthetics, durability, and safety. They provide a sleek, professional look by diffusing the light evenly, creating a pleasant learning environment in classrooms, libraries, and labs. Their protective nature extends the lifespan of the strip lights, making them ideal for high-traffic areas within schools.

Safety is improved as LED profiles prevent direct contact with electrical components, an essential feature in schools with young children. These profiles can be customised and installed in various ways, offering versatility across different school premises. 

LED Profile


LED Covings

LED coving, a stylish indirect lighting solution, can significantly enhance a school’s environment. It provides soft, ambient lighting, reducing glare and fostering a calm, focused atmosphere in classrooms, libraries, and staff rooms. Beyond its functional advantages, LED coving also adds architectural interest and sophistication, upgrading the aesthetic appeal of school spaces. Its gentle illumination improves safety and visibility in hallways and staircases without the harshness of direct overhead lighting.

Like other LED options, coving is energy-efficient and long-lasting, aiding schools in reducing their energy costs and ecological footprint. For schools emphasizing art or design, LED coving can serve as a practical example of how lighting can dramatically transform a space. Overall, LED coving delivers an attractive blend of function, aesthetics, safety, and sustainability, making it a valuable addition to any educational establishment.

LED Covings

Steps to Apply for Funding

Securing an LED lighting grant for your school may seem daunting, but the process can be broken down into manageable steps:

1.) Conduct an energy audit to identify areas for improvement.

2.) Outline a plan detailing how the grant will be used.

3.) Seek professional advice to understand the various grant and funding options available.

4.) Fill out and submit the grant application form, including your energy efficiency plan and the anticipated benefits.

5.) If approved, partner with a reputable company like LED Lighthouse to implement your LED lighting upgrades.

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