SL5-12V White LED Strip Light 500 lumens/m IP65

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Good for accent/feature lighting providing a gentle glow.

Microtech Flexible LED Strip Light IP65 With High Grade Epistar 3014 LEDs

Manufactured using latest ultra efficient Epistar 3014 LEDs, waterproof to IP65 rating using waterproof micro coating; almost invisible and highly effective. Fitted with ‘3M’ self adhesive backing for a secure fit.

Available in Warm White (3000k), Natural White (4000k), Pure White (5000k) and Cool White (6000k).

Micro Tech LED Strip Advantages

  • Better heat dissipation compared to thick Gel/Silicone coated LED Strips.
  • Lower temperature: extends life of LEDs, reduces light decay.
  • Protects against steam and water damage.
  • No discolouring of waterproof coating.
  • LEDs are mounted on a white PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for an attractive finish.


Energy RatingA
LED Quantity60 LED/Metre
LED Type/BrandSMD 3014 Epistar
Luminous flux (light output)487 lm/m(Warm), 502 lm/m(Natural), 505 lm/m(Pure), 461 lm/m(Cool)
Power Consumption4.8 W/m
Average life50,000 hours
Input Voltage12 V DC
DimmableYes (additional dimmer switch required)
Beam angle120°
Cable Length300mm
Waterproof RatingIP65
Warranty5 Years

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For indoor use only. For outdoors we recommend our Fully Waterproof IP68 LED Strip.

Strip Lengths

This strip is sold by the metre. 12v LED Strip Lights are manufactured and supplied in 5m lengths, so purchases of strips less than 5m in length are non-returnable after they have been cut to size for you.

We supply 5 metre strips with an input cable at both ends. Shorter strips have an input cable at one end.

You can cut the strip to length yourself (with scissors), to as small as every 3 LEDs (5cm).

Up to 5 metres of LED strip can be wired in series with the driver. Additional LED strips need to be connected in parallel (see the Diagram).

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Strip Length

1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m

Light Colour

Warm White ~ 3000 kelvin, Natural White ~ 4000 kelvin, Pure White ~ 5000 kelvin, Cool White ~ 6000 kelvin

47 reviews for SL5-12V White LED Strip Light 500 lumens/m IP65

  1. Mark Baker

    Perfect for our application. Fitted at pelmet level, under counter top and above wall cupboards. Used the SL10 strip (twice as many LED’s) for under wall units to light the counter top as needed a bit more light.

  2. Nick Owen

    Great product, great service……………………

  3. Nicholas Conner

    Good quality at the right price……………………

  4. Daniel Cheetham

    Very good product of a high quality, were easy to install and look great. I ordered the warm white, but think perhaps I should have gone for ultra warm white as they were not as warm as I anticipated them to be.

  5. Iain Cameron

    Great Lights , five stars ………………………………….

  6. Susan Raes

    Used this as under cabinets light in bathroom. switched separately so we can have low level mood lighting for relaxing baths

  7. Andrew Dacombe

    Product quality looks good, it arrived in good time, looking forward to putting it up.

  8. Gerald Faulks

    exactly as written on tin, five stars………………….

  9. Steven Freeman

    Works well on our display panels………………

  10. Luke Hall

    Never had any faults or complaints for this product

  11. Jeff Gibson

    to be used for under step lighting in bathroom. English in instruction leaflet quaint

  12. Ian Shelmerdine

    Very good. Does exactly what it says. Quite bright though.

  13. Brian Jones

    Excellent all round – delivery, packing, and product

  14. Geoff Burns

    Excellent bright and work brill …………………

  15. Matt Wilkes

    my requirement was to back light a large wooden cross for a church. the led strip was perfect for the application and a very low power use as well. will certainly use this product and supplier again

  16. Graham Flack (verified owner)

    Very bright and quick to fit……………………………….

  17. Graham Flack (verified owner)

    Very good lighting for under the units in the kitchen. 2.5m produce more light than the original 6x10W halogens they replaced.

  18. Kevin Pole (verified owner)


  19. Colin Mclean (verified owner)

    Used for kitchen plinth lighting in various lengths. Easy to cut and assemble to the correct size with the appropriate drivers.

  20. CD Sinclair (verified owner)

    I used 1 meter of this 4.8 watts per meter led strip to convert the backlight from an old monitor into a light table. The result is satisfactory.

  21. Roy Barber (verified owner)

    Good quality, I recommend to any domestic or trade purchaser.

  22. K S Bhogal (verified owner)

    Excellent product ……………………………

  23. Christopher Kelly (verified owner)

    Used for above and below kitchen units. Ordered warm white – upon installation this was appeared still quite cool.

  24. Shaun Dutton (verified owner)

    Technically the strip lighting compares very well compared with the vast selection of similar products in the market, however it has not yet been installed so cannot comment on performance.

  25. Nichola Luu (verified owner)

    Very good quality lights, I bought the Pure light – they are very bright, exactly what I needed. But I’m glad I bought the dimmer as well so for the extra c.£5 I can adjust the brightness – very good value for money!

  26. Greg Bowen (verified owner)

    Use when fitting kitchens and recommend to customers so they can purchase direct

  27. Stephen Hart (verified owner)

    Used this product to illuminate the bottom of the stairs (concealed underneath the step) and works very well. Also using more strip as highlights around the house

  28. Colin Mclean (verified owner)

    Used for plinth lighting and would recommend …….

  29. Les Vowell (verified owner)

    These amazing LED strips give a powerful light and tuck away out of sight under my kitchen units.

  30. David Thomas (verified owner)

    Much better than the gel covered type …………

  31. Colin Mclean (verified owner)

    Flexible LED strip lights used for kitchen plinth lighting by easily cutting to the required sizes. You just have to ensure that the connectors make proper contact and would advise to test the joints before installing.

  32. Michael Clark (verified owner)

    Great for under-worktop in kitchen. …. …. ….

  33. Dom Hastings (verified owner)

    Excellent product, the warm light is bright enough to illuminate the whole kitchen at night with less than 3m separated under three cabinets. Very easy to install, but I originally didn’t remove the plastic over the metal contacts on the scissor strips, which needed to be removed from the strip. Whilst it is probably noted in the brief documentation, I missed it!

  34. Mike Best (verified owner)

    Easy to fit and almost invisible until switched on.

  35. Steven Cox (verified owner)

    Works a treat ……………………………….

  36. Charles Parker (verified owner)

    Excellent lights, very good adhesive strip. ……

  37. Michael Reynolds (verified owner)

    Product is used in a domestic situation to enhance lighting in both the home and garden and to also provide security lighting at an inexpensive running cost.

  38. Adam Russell (verified owner)

    Still experimenting with range of purchases to compare colour & brightness, expected use is home lighting.

  39. Barrie Walton (verified owner)

    Disappointed In The Quality Of Your White Strip As Your Blue Are Exellent And Is A Different Size Width Width Wise??

  40. Vernon Riley (verified owner)

    The modifications required to achieve working connection should be referenced in the packaging. I.e. diagrams indicating where the waterproof coating is – recommendations on how to remove etc. etc. When done the connections do work – although this the soldered connections at the end of the reel are by far the easiest to work with. The idea of being able to snip to length at home is great – so great product – just let down by the documentation.

  41. Victor Knight (verified owner)

    Very good. Very good customer service when I phone for a little advice before ordering. Package arrived in very good time. Product was just what I was expecting, well packed. Fitting was very easy, cut it to size had to remove a few centimetres from the end. Getting very little heat from the light strip. Now looking for other applications in my home.\r\nCan recommend and will buy from this company again.

  42. Paul Lewis (verified owner)

    The 12V Natural White 4.8W/M strips are ideal for kitchen/workspace indirect (reflected off ceiling) and direct (under wall cabinets) lighting. They are not overly bright but \feel\ like daylight shining in through a window as the source of the light appears diffuse.\r\n\r\nThey take some getting used to if your wall colours are \colder\ (gray) but with creams they are fantastic.

  43. Stephen Matthews (verified owner)

    Looks a god quality product, nice even and bright output, colour rendition seems good too as I chose Natural.

  44. Stephen Matthews (verified owner)

    Have installed about 30 metres now and can’t fault it. IP65 and the lowest profile possible. Colour rendering appears balanced and coverage even. My most fussiest customer loves it, so it must be good. Brilliant service from LED Lighthouse too.

  45. Mick Davis

    I used the Nano Tech Flexible LED Strip 2835 60LED/m Splashproof 12V Cool White, as a replacement strip in a display cabinet.\r\n60 LEDs per metre gave me some concern as I was replaceing a strip that had 75 LEDs per metre, but I trusted the \Brighter LED\ claim and I was right to do so.\r\nFitting was simple, cut down the 2metre length to 1.8metre (with a pair of sissors) easy! After cleaning the original housing with meths the replacement strip went in with only one very slight problem. When first I tried to remove the backing paper from the double sided adhesive strip, I almost started to remove the adhesive strip from the LED strip. A bit fiddly teasing the paper off but once started all was OK.\r\nSwitched on, WOW! Much better and brighter than the 33volt version it was replaceing,.\r\nThe strip was using 1.5 amps and assembly felt slightly warmer than the old one so I left it on a soak test for 5 hours on my bench. No problem, it stayed just that slighly warmer, which was nothing to cause any concern.\r\nLike Arnie, “I’LL Be Back”

  46. Simon Nicholls (verified owner)

    Great service, speedy delivery. Really helpful with the right advice and helping make the right purchase decision, thank you. Will use LED House again, and highly recommend them.

  47. david g. (verified owner)

    Brilliant as always spot on colour,you can get cheaper but no good

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More Information

12V Power Supply

You need a LED 12 Volt Driver to power LED flexible strip. Each metre of this strip requires 4.8 watts, so choose a driver powerful enough to supply the total wattage required.

Power Requirement

Strip Length (M)12345
Power (W)510152024

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