SL12-12V White LED Strip Light 1200 lumens/m IP65

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High powered LED Strip, cost efficient and ideal for task lighting . This 12 Watt per metre strip is our brightest 12V LED strip, fitted with the larger 2835 LEDs for high performance. Each LED is much brighter than our 3014 chip allowing a reduced LED density, making this our lowest cost/lumen LED Strip to buy.

Available in Warm White (3000k), Natural White (4000k), Pure White (5000k) and Cool White (6000k).

Microtech Flexible LED Strip Light IP65 With High Grade Epistar 2835 LEDs

Manufactured using latest ultra efficient Epistar 2835 LEDs, waterproof to IP65 rating using waterproof micro coating; almost invisible and highly effective. Fitted with ‘3M’ self adhesive backing for a secure fit.


Energy RatingA
LED Quantity60 LED/Metre
LED Type/BrandSMD 2835 / Grade A ‘Epistar’
Luminous flux (light output)1064 lm/m(Warm), 1180 lm/m(Natural), 1192 lm/m(Pure), 1116 lm/m(Cool)
Power Consumption12 W/m
Average life50,000 hours
Input Voltage12 V DC
DimmableYes (additional dimmer switch required)
Beam angle120°
Cable Length300mm
Waterproof RatingIP65
Warranty5 Years

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Micro Tech LED Strip Advantages

  • Better heat dissipation compared to thick Gel/Silicone coated LED Strips.
  • Lower temperature: extends life of LEDs, reduces light decay.
  • Protects against steam and water damage.
  • No discolouring of waterproof coating.
  • LEDs are mounted on a white PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for an attractive finish.

For indoor use only. For outdoors we recommend our Fully Waterproof IP68 LED Strip.

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Strip Length

1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m

Light Colour

Warm White ~ 3000 kelvin, Natural White ~ 4000 kelvin, Pure White ~ 5000 kelvin, Cool White ~ 6000 kelvin

57 reviews for SL12-12V White LED Strip Light 1200 lumens/m IP65

  1. Eve Stupart

    great for under cupboard lighting in kitchen. Easy to install. The ultra warm has perhaps a hint of sulphur yellow, but otherwise is a very close match for a filament lightbulb white. Should it be 3528 not 2835? \r\n\r\nLED Lighthouse Respose: Ultra warm is slightly warmer than tradtional filament bulbs. Warm white is less yellow, very similar to traditonal bulbs in light colour. This LED strip uses the very latest 2835 LED which is more than 3 times brighter than 3528 LED’s. customers are more familiar with the traditional 3528 chip so I can see why you questioned if there was a typo. Many thanks for your feedback!

  2. Stephen Payne

    Product description and properties excellent. Not had time to try over a period. If it perform as specification will probably be one of the best for my application.

  3. Andrew Walker

    To provide unobtrusive lighting over kitchen sink – fitted beneath shelf. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting similar product. Quality good, but the test will be its longevity.

  4. Ian Roberts

    My kitchen is bathed in natural light due to your fantastic LED strip light system

  5. Ian Roberts

    Easy to install with fantastic results ,very satisfied customar.

  6. Ian Gerrie

    A first class lighting strip and components – easy to use and provides excellent illumination in the ‘darker’ corners of our kitchen worktops.

  7. Terence Edwards

    Used under kitchen units. The strips are very good and produce good light. I chose natural white. Easy to install although I found soldering my cable to them a bit fiddly until I got the hang of it. I know that they come with their own tails attached but I preferred to have one cable without joins and as I had to solder one end of the strip to the other of another strip, I chose this method of installation.\r\n\r\nComment From LED Lighthouse:\r\n\r\nA note for customers planning to solder cable to this LED strip. First scrape off the Nano Tech coating with a sharpe blade or hand file. Solder joints are every 500mm on the strip. It’s easier to solder on those joints. The solder is lead free.

  8. John Rainforth

    Under cupboard work top illumination. It is very effective.

  9. David Holmes

    The strips are very bright and give excellent illumination to the work surface when being used as under-cupboard lights. They look cool in the reflection off the surface too. They are very easy to wire in and to attach to the cupboard.

  10. John Simms

    I was unsure whether this would suit as underunit kitchen lighting.\r\nIt is ideal, bright and even.

  11. Stephen Bancroft

    Much brighter than I expected and gives excellent results with the LTech RF dimmer. As I was fitting it into an extrusion. I couldn’t use connectors but soldering is very easy. (Remember to scrape off the waterproof film over the connection dots before tinning them – I used a Stanley knife)

  12. Michele Keeves

    Ordered LED lights for under kitchen cabinets. Five star product.

  13. Michael Miller

    Suitable for under wall unit lighting to replace old 450mm pencil fluorescent fittings which had become unreliable in starting up, particularly in steamy areas.

  14. S. LLOYD

    Excellent light output and colour (White 4000k) used for under kitchen cabinets.

  15. Paul Killick

    Very prompt service, if I need LED lights again then I will order from LED Lighthouse again.

  16. Gordon Tyrer

    Used to light up an external projection sign very easy to fit and much less bother than fluorescent

  17. Phil Griffiths

    Very easy to use especially with the wires already soldered.

  18. Chris Nurcombe

    Minimum tool requirement Straight forward installation

  19. Khoi Nguyen

    Very bright light………………………………..

  20. C. Williams

    Easy to fix the connectors. However had to be \fiddled\ with to get good contact. Spring connectors did not line up correctly with copper plates.

  21. Alan Rogers

    Very good replacement for fluorescence tubes but use the warm white.

  22. Richard Coxon

    Excellent quality. Used a 5 meter length cut into 8 pieces, 1 for each cupboard, all wired to the 1 driver.

  23. Frederick Rogers (verified owner)

    Strip light was used on underside of music stand to light top of musical keyboard and I would recommend its use to other keyboard players.

  24. Robert Waller (verified owner)

    Super bright led used under a counter top almost don’t need any other room lighting

  25. Martin Sempers (verified owner)

    Under cupboard lighting in kitchen and display lighting

  26. Martin Hollis (verified owner)

    I used the led strip to provide lighting for my other half’s dressing table and there is a consistent level of light from one end of the strip to the other without any dimming. It’s very easy to bend around corners and the adhesive worked perfectly in our application.

  27. Kevin Davidson (verified owner)

    First class products and support. ……………..

  28. Simon Ellis (verified owner)

    High quality LED strip lights, much brighter than the cheaper alternative I originally had

  29. Jonathan Fryer (verified owner)

    I am using this in conjuction with the driver to backlight a stained glass window.

  30. Vic Kelman (verified owner)

    Under kitchen lighting ……………………….

  31. Les Vowell (verified owner)

    These amazing LED strips give a powerful light and tuck away out of sight under my kitchen units.

  32. Ken Edwards (verified owner)

    Ideal for lighting the work surfaces in our kitchen, and a huge improvement so far on the incandescent strip lights (requiring frequent and expensive bulb replacements) we had been using for years. I hope the LEDs will be as long lived as promised, as well as economical on power. Unusually brilliant light – obviously LEDs have come a long way – and very easy to install.

  33. Hamel Patel (verified owner)

    Really fab product…very bright and have installed led strips where they are used as the main light source in many rooms

  34. Michael Foran (verified owner)

    Not installed yet but look the same quality as we paid more for.

  35. mark hamilton (verified owner)

    Kitchen worktop illumination & retro fit into bathroom cabinet.

  36. Anthony Yeates (verified owner)

    Much brighter than the fluorescent tube they are replacing.

  37. Desmond Orr (verified owner)

    Bought the natural light strip, probably too harsh a light for my hall, behind curtain rail.

  38. Robert Mulkerrin (verified owner)

    Good replacement for similar length (2m) fluorescent tubes.

  39. Roger Cliffe (verified owner)

    Used to replace an old 8ft fluorescent light. A 2m strip gives about the same light output as the tube. Really easy to install.

  40. David Main (verified owner)

    Very easy to install and appears to be a good quality product

  41. Clive Padden (verified owner)

    Top quality strip being used under kitchen wall cabinets.

  42. Adam Russell (verified owner)

    Still experimenting with range of purchases to compare colour & brightness, expected use is home lighting.

  43. Jim Whitehouse (verified owner)

    Really bright! .. .. …….. …………………

  44. Barry Stagg (verified owner)

    Splendid product. No hesitation in recomending it.

  45. Frank Horner

    excellent product does what it says on the tin arrived punctualy

  46. Robert Kaszas

    Well impressed with brightness & ease of installation. Bedroom looks like daylight at night.

  47. Daniel Elliott

    I used two 1M lengths of this to replace the failed lighting unit in my 200L aquarium.\r\n\r\nSaid aquarium originally used twin 30W florescent tubes to provide lighting. 2Metres of this lighting replaced these with both greatly reduced heat output and power usage.\r\n\r\nOnly mild negative is the most ‘white’ option available still gave a noticeable yellow tinge to the tank. If the ‘pure’ lighting option (eg ) existed for this, it’d be much better.\r\n\r\nBut the plants and the fish don’t seem to mind plus the aquarium no longer requires ice blocks to prevent overheating (from the heat output of the old 60W of lighting) for the tropical fish in very hot weather like before, which is an incredible improvement. 🙂

  48. Paul Sheath

    I tested a number of other LED strips with poor results before finding this high quality product (Epistar LEDs) which exhibits even light emission along the length of the strip unlike many others. Higher light levels than many other units I have looked at. Nano coating far superior to the usual gel coating and with much thicker backing providing good heat dissipation properties and a lower profile which was important for my application.\r\n\r\nMy only criticism (which in most cases is not important – but was in mine) is that where splices between the short LED strips was effected about 1.5mm to 2mm of the length was lost at each splice which was accumulative over the 5m length of the strip. So if using this product with an adjacent RGB strip manufactured by others cut points did not match, important if using a securing method other than the 3M adhesive backing strip

  49. Aidan Zealley

    Really happy with these LEDs. I used most of a 5m roll in 8x 60cm sections laid next to each other and wired in a parallel circuit for an overhead lighting panel above a workbench. The light output is amazing, great for lighting up any project.

  50. Walter Tann

    Excellent products, excellent service. Website easy to use and informative for the amateur. \r\n\r\nLED strip purchased with Driver on Sunday evening. Delivered Tuesday lunchtime standard delivery. Easy to install with guidance from website.\r\n\r\nThanks for the great service everyone.

  51. Martin Oliver

    Excellent light output and easy to install in the aluminium extrusion that I ordered.

  52. Peter Allen

    Provides an excellent working environment. Very bright for a short length. Very pleased

  53. Graham Hugill

    I bought these hoping they would be an improvement on the cheap eBay strips from China. Indeed they are much brighter for similar current, I recommend.

  54. Tim Mayers

    Top job, first time i have installed flexible LED strips very easy to work with and really bright.

  55. Russell Bennett

    Really pleased with the results from this strip. The strip was mounted in a profile in a roof light and very much emulated the performance of the roof light under daylight conditions which is just what I wanted. Worked well with my existing dimmer switch.\r\nEady to fit although with 4 right angled corners there was some soldering and the only problem here was getting the silicon coating off to tin the copper tabs. I’m sure there is a technique better than scraping it heavily with a Stanley knife blade. \r\nOverall good product.

  56. Tim Pritchard Jones

    All very straightforward to install and brighter than expected.

  57. Richard B. (verified owner)

    Very bright and an excellent product. I used it to replace T5 fluorescent tube fittings under kitchen wall cabinets. Easy to cut at the 50mm marked cut points. Soldering leads at the cut points is easiest at the soldered section joints every 500mm because they are effectively pre-tinned. The 3M adhesive backing is very strong, you may not get a second chance. I stuck the tape to 20mm x 2mm aluminium strip which acts as a heat sink and can be screwed in place and moved if necessary. They are much brighter that the old fluorescent fittings, actually the 500 l/m strip may have been adequate. Note that you can use a Lux meter App on a phone to check the light levels.

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More Information

Strip Lengths

This strip is sold by the metre. 12v LED Strip Lights are manufactured and supplied in 5m lengths, so purchases of strips less than 5m in length are non-returnable after they have been cut to size for you.

We supply 5 metre strips with an input cable at both ends. Shorter strips have an input cable at one end.

You can cut the strip to length yourself (with scissors), to as small as every 3 LEDs (5cm).

Up to 5 metres of LED strip can be wired in series with the driver. Additional LED strips need to be connected in parallel (see the Diagram).

12V Power Supply

You need a LED 12 Volt Driver to power LED flexible strip. Each metre of this strip requires 12 watts, so choose a driver powerful enough to supply the total wattage required.

Power Requirement

Strip Length (M)12345
Power (W)1224364860

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