RGB(W) Multi-Zone Wireless Remote Controller – 8 Zone

Control up to 8 zones of LED RGB (or RGBW) Colour Changing lights within a 30m radius without the need for wiring!

Touch sensitive RF Remote controller. Easy to install, setup and operate. Controls up to 8 lighting zones individually or simultaneously via Radio Frequency.

The item for sale on this page is the remote controller only. Wireless zone control receivers are sold separately. The receivers are controlled by this remote control and light LEDs connected to them.

The programming button ‘P’ allows bespoke colour changing modes (scenes) to be created.

The controller has a ‘W’ button which only functions if RGBW strip is used or RGB strip plus white light strip is connected. Press the ‘W’ button to turn on/off the white LED’s, long press to adjust the white brightness.

£65.89excluding VAT


Output signalRF 2.4G
Gray scale level1024
Control mode8 Zones control
RF Remote distance30m
Warranty5 Years


Key product features

  • Controls each zone receiver via 2.4Hz Radio Frequency, no wiring required.
  • Remote is rechargeable by USB cable supplied with the remote.
  • Controls up to 8 lighting zones individually with the ability to control multiple zones simultaneously.
  • Patented advanced wireless sync control technology, keeps all zones perfectly synchronized without the need for sync signal wires.
  • Up to 8 scenes can be saved enabling all zones to be set to a previous colour changing mode at the touch of a button.
  • Each touch is confirmed with an LED indicator light on the remote.
  • The remote control is fitted with an LED indicator showing the current operating light colour.
  • High accuracy touch sensors with IC+special post-processing gives precise touch control.
  • Each zone receiver can control RGB(W) LED lights from 5V – 24V DC, the input voltage must match the output voltage.
  • Each receiver can control up to 240Watts of 12V RGBW LED strip or 180Watts of RGB LED strip. An unlimited number of receivers can be added to the remote when used in synchronised control mode (all receivers controlled together). In zone control mode, a maximum of one receiver per zone can be added to the remote.

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