Q1 Multi Zone Dimmer RF Remote Controller

Multi-Zone Dimmer RF Remote Controller

Multi-zone remote for dimming/switching up to 4 zones of white/single colour LED lights. Fitted with a touch sensitive dimming wheel and four pre-set light level keys (25%, 50%, 75% 100%), this remote provides quick and easy brightness selection. Each of the 4 zones can be selected/deselected, allowing synchronised or independent control of each zone. Four scene buttons allow the saving and recall of popular lighting scenes across all four zones.

This item is the remote control only, no receiver is included. It is designed to be used together with wireless receivers (F4-5A), multiple single zone touch panel controllers (E1S, EX1S) or a multi-zone touch panel controller (EX5), available to buy at the bottom of this page.

£45.32excluding VAT

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Setting up the ‘Q1’ to work with ‘F4-5A’ wireless receivers, ‘E’ and ‘EX’ series Touch Panels

This remote can be synchronised directly with and control ‘E’ or ‘EX’ series touch panels, providing the touch panel is connected to LED lights by wire (PWM or DMX). If an ‘EX’ series touch panel is controlling lights via RF using wireless receivers (F4-5A), then the ‘Q1’ remote must also be synchronised directly with those receivers, not the touch panel.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.

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