1-10V Dimmer Module 1 or 2 Way

Generates a 1-10V Dimming Signal

This dimmer switch producers an output voltage ranging from 1-10V DC, depending on the position of the rotary knob. This voltage is a control signal. This signal is transmitted by wire to suitable LED Drivers. The 1-10V signal informs the drivers how to dim the lights connected to it. A voltage of 1V instructs the drivers to dim to maximum (no light), a voltage of 10V instructs the drivers to not dim at all (full brightness).

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Key product features

  • 1 or 2 way – Can operate as a single switch or as one of two switches on a lighting circuit.
  • 1 Gang – One dimmer knob.
  • Push on, push off, rotary dimming control switch
  • Suitable for use with 1-10V LED Drivers
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Integrated over-temperature protection fuse
  • Smooth dimming operation from 0-100% light output
  • Maximum current rating of 5A
  • Complies with the latest Electrical Safety Standard fordimmer switches EN60669-2-1:2000
  • EMC Compliance ? EN550155

Additional information

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