Warm, Natural or Pure White?

What's the difference between Warm White, Natural White and Pure White?

Unlike halogen bulbs, LEDs offer a choice of light colour. With white light there is a choice between warm white, Natural White and pure white. These different light shades are assigned Kelvin ratings. A low kelvin rating is assigned to warmer shades of light, a higher rating denotes a cooler shade of light.

led colour chart warm to cool white led colour options warm, natural and pure white

Warm White has a warm glow with a slightly yellow tint so they best replace existing halogen lighting. Pure White produces a light similar to daylight, with a slightly blue tint when approaching cool white. Natural White is somewhere in between the two. Some people like the pure white, while others like the more traditional warm white; it's a personal choice.

We recommend our Warm White bulbs if you want to replace your old halogen bulbs and switch to LED while keeping a similar light shade. If you prefer a cooler, more Pure White often preferred outdoors then try our Natural or Pure White bulbs.

It's also worth noting that Natural White and Pure White LED bulbs emit a slightly brighter light than Warm White bulbs. This is because the Pure white LEDs require less yellow phosphor coating in converting the original cool colour light of the LED to a warmer shade of white.