Flexible LED Strip to Strip Connector 10mm 2 Pin

This connector is used to connect two lengths of our 10mm wide single colour LED strip together. The LED strip light must be 10mm wide to use this connector. Before this connector can be used, gel waterproof coatings must be removed 7mm from the end of both LED strips. The LED strip can then slide inside the connector, passing under the metal arms. Ensure the arms are pushing down onto the copper contacts of the LED Strip. Then close the connector cover, ensuring the teeth clamp directly onto the circuit board of the LED strip not the gel coating.

This connector can be used with our Nano Tech LED Strip providing the thin waterproof coating is removed from the top of the copper terminals first. This can be done using a sharp blade or fine sandpaper.

This connector cannot be used with LED Strips with more than 60 LED/m, due to the high density of LEDs.

This connector is approximately 150mm long.

This connector is only suitable for connecting up to 5m of LED strip. To power longer lengths a soldered connection is required.

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  1. Roger Cliffe

    These are good quality, not too large and do the job. The connection method seems to be secure. My only positive criticism would be that the only length option is around 20cms. This is probably fine for around kitchen units but my application (high level hidden lighting in roof beams) required around 60cms. I had to cut these and make up my own extension leads, they work ok but it was time consuming and there are now far more inaccessible cable joints than I would prefer. Extend the product range please!

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