Mains to 12V LED Strip Dimmable Driver 30W

Allows 12V LED lights to be dimmed using a Mains Voltage Dimmer Switch. Designed for use with existing 240V dimmable circuit installations.

We advise using this dimmer to control between 1W and 30W of our 12V LED Strip. Our LED Strip Dimmer Switch has been tested and works perfectly with this driver.

This driver is ‘Leading Edge’ and ‘Trailing Edge’ dimmable; it should be compatible with most dimmer switches on the market

£38.45excluding VAT


Dimming CompatibilityTriac (Leading Edge) and Trailing Edge
ProtectionsShort Circuit, Overload, Over Current
Load Range1-30W
Efficiency79% Efficiency
Power Factor0.97
IsolationFully Isolated
Input Voltage200-240V
Output VoltagePWM 12V
Dimensions155 x 54 x 20mm
Warranty12 Months

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Weight0.3 kg

1 review for Mains to 12V LED Strip Dimmable Driver 30W

  1. Tim Pritchard Jones (verified owner)

    Very neat and unobtrusive under the wall cabinets in the kitchen.

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