RGB(W) LTech RF Push Button LED Controller – 20A

Larger capacity controller suitable for powering up to 240W at 12v and 480W at 24v of RGB or RGBW LED Strip.

Individual control of red, green, blue and white. Create and store bespoke colours for use later. Radio Frequency colour controller suitable for RGB and RGBW 12V/24V LED Strip.

LTech – Market Leaders in Design and Manufacture of LED Colour Controllers

LTech have established a solid reputation for building quality reliable LED Controllers, while representing good value for money. This controller is intuitive and easy to install

Each receiver can be paired with a remote control. To learn a new ID simply press the learn button (quick press) on the receiver, then any button on a remote. The receiver is then matched to that remote control. To cancel an ID press the learn button for 5 seconds.

Suitable for RGB and RGBW LEDs, however the ‘W’ button doesn’t provide a function when used with RGB. Instead, RGB LEDs can mix to white using R, G, B buttons in the centre of the remote.

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Wall mountable remote control holder included!

As with all colour controllers a DC12V-DV24V power supply is required to operate.

The remote control users radio frequency so it can control the LED strip up to 20m away and doesn’t need to be ‘line of sight’ so the receiver can be hidden away in cupboards or behind walls etc.


  • 6 Preset colours, 7 bespoke colours
  • 2 colour flashing modes – speed adjustable
  • 2 colour jumping modes – speed adjustable
  • 2 colour smooth fading modes – speed adjustable
  • Individual brightness control of each channel: R,G,B,W
  • Receiver can learn the ID of a remote control
  • Controls both 12v and 24v LED strip (input voltage from driver must match LED strip voltage)
  • Max current: 20A (4CH x 5A per channel)
  • Max power output 240W at 12v and 480W at 24v
  • Radio Frequency signal: remote doesn?t need to be in ?line of site? of receiver
  • Remote works up to 20m from receiver
  • Input Voltage: 12V / 24V DC
  • Dimmable on static colours
  • 5 Year Warranty

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