LT-932 32 Channel DMX Decoder XLR-3 / XLR-5 / RJ45

Professional 32 Channel DMX Decoder

Ideal for controlling RGBW LED Strip but also suitable for RGB, CCT adjustable or single colour LEDs.

Unlike many DMX decoders, this 32 channel decoder has the option to assign multiple DMX channels to one address. For instance 4 output channels can be assigned to one DMX address, allowing the power capacity per DMX address to be quadrupled, while reducing the number of addresses the unit handles to eight. Dimming curve options include; standard, linear, LOG, custom 0.1-9.9 dimming curve.

Featuring RJ45, 3pin and 5pin XLR DMX sockets.The DMX address is displayed digitally and adjusted by pressing buttons mounted next to the display or Via RDM function. The frequency of the output (PWM signal) and the dimming curve can both be adjusted to give optimum dimming across the 16 output channels. Also the dimming increments can be adjusted to either 8bit (256 levels) or 16bit (65536 levels).

This decoder requires a DMX control signal in order to function. It also requires an LED driver in order to ‘power up’ and light the LEDs connected to it. The power output of this receiver is limited by the power output of the LED driver.

Fitted with six fixing/mounting points situated on the base.

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Input signalDMX512
Voltage12V~24V DC
OutputConstant Voltage
Current3A × 32CH Max 96A
Max output power1152W/2304W(12V/24V)
Dimensions (mm)300L 122W 39H
Warranty5 Years

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