Bayonet B22 6 Watt Clear LED Bulb, **Ideal 60W Replacement**

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Revolutionary Design!

Fitted with state of the art ‘Filament’ LED chip technology, gives the true look, feel and brightness of an incandescent bulb while consuming just 10% of the energy.

The problem with many LED bulbs is they only light from the end of the bulb. With our LED filament bulbs the light is cast in all directions, just like an incandescent bulb. They look so good when lit, they’re often mistaken for traditional bulbs.

This B22 bayonet LED bulb is an ideal replacement for 60W incandescent bulbs.

  • Glass Surround: Clear
  • Light Colour:  Warm White ~ 3000 kelvin
  • Dimmable: No

Bulb Construction

Glass surround with four high output LED filaments inside. LEDs are air cooled to provide a long efficient life.

CE and ROHS approved to comply with UK safety regulations.

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Energy RatingA
LED Quantity4
LED Type/BrandFilament/Epistar
Luminous flux (light output)600 lm
Power6 W
Popular Replacement for60 Watt incandescent
Average life50,000 hours
Input Voltage220-240V AC
BaseB22 (Large Bayonet)
ColourWarm White
CRI (Colour Rendering Index)>82
Beam angle360°
Warranty12 Months

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4 reviews for Bayonet B22 6 Watt Clear LED Bulb, **Ideal 60W Replacement**

  1. Iain Harrison

    These really are a good replacement for ordinary 60watt light bulbs. The clear, bright light has the sparkly quality that compact fluorescents lacked. \r\n\r\nThe colour of the light is not too cold or too yellow like some LEDs or too green like most fluorescents.\r\n\r\nThe light switches on immediately and most people can’t tell it isn’t a normal light bulb. \r\n\r\nIncredibly efficient, these give loads of light for very little power. They don’t get too hot to touch even after hours of use. \r\n\r\nI think they’re great!

  2. Michael Burns

    Lamp a replacement for CFL 23W lamp, so not as bright but does come straight on. It is exactly as described 60W equivalent and a better colour than CFL. I am very happy with it and if it lasts the design life will be really pleased.

  3. Kev Lee

    These are an excellent replacement for an incandescent lamp. Shame about the white plastic collar. They are not dimmable either so not something we would stock unfortunately.\r\nOther companies are selling led filament candle bulbs without any plastic collar AND they are dimmable. I thought it was too good to be true but obtained them and fitting a customers chandelier and she is delighted with them. The quality remains to bee seen though….

  4. Adrian Pearce

    I think these are a really good 60 W replacement bulb. They are certainly as bright and the 4 filament strips are quite attractive (so my wife says). Rapid on-time and no flickering. I would definitely recommend them. In one bulb, one of the filaments was not working and the company have sent a replacment without fuss. Suggested possible lifespan of 40,000 hours but obviously can’t confirm that. Ten bulbs will cost you £30 with VAT and postage.

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