LED Bedroom Lighting Ideas for 2023

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Lighting Ideas, Key Features and Buyers Guides: to help you when lighting up your bedroom with led strip lights.

In recent years, LED lights have become a trendy way of enhancing bedroom lighting. They have quickly become a popular way to improve mood and ambience in the house, especially in the bedrooms.

What are LED strip lights?

LED strip lights consist of a thin flexible circuit board, made of copper with LEDs mounted at regular intervals to the front and a self-adhesive tape to the back. This is a quick and easy way to install led strip lights in bedrooms. LED strip lights are relatively inexpensive, long-lasting and energy-efficient. LED strip lights are very versatile and cost-effective to run compared to traditional lighting.

In the bedroom, feature lighting can be used to transform the overall look of any bedroom.

What LED strip colours can I choose?

These can be either a single colour or multi-coloured. LED Strip lights come in both 12v and 24v. Our LED Strip can be used for both mood light and task lighting. The red, green and blue LED Strip Lighting can create any colour you wish. You can also have white and RGB colour-changing light from one strip. Our RGBW LED Strip is ideal to use when a colour-changing light and white light are required in one location from one LED strip.

These colour-changing led lights are easy to install in your bedrooms, to help create a relaxing environment without the extra costs of traditional lighting. Having colour-changing RGBW LED Strip lights are also perfect for those who want that extra bit of customisation for their room; whether they’re for changing with natural light, or for avid gamers and Twitch streamers who want a specific colour for their brand.

Pink and Purple LED Lighting in the Bedroom


Key Features of Bedroom LED Strip Lights:

There’s a wide range of LED strip colours to choose from. We offer high-quality products that can either be one desired colour or multi-coloured, these will then be cut to any length you require.  The self-adhesive backing means that you are able to install it with ease.

After you’ve installed the LED strips the colour and brightness can also be selected and even programmed. With these LED strip lights, you can customise different lighting patterns to create the bedroom’s desired mood and lighting effect. Remote-controlled and wireless led strip lights are a convenient way to control the led strip lights in the bedroom. 

Designing & Installing Lighting in Bedrooms:

LED lighting strips will help you to create a warm relaxing environment and also help to create a more romantic setting. 

Ultra Warm LED Strips range from 2700k all the way down to 2000k. This Ultra Warm LED Strip lighting can be used to create a cosy mood light. Low lighting or mood lighting in the bedroom will help create a relaxing atmosphere. The LED lighting strips will work particularly well with darker rooms/colours.

We offer LED strip lights and components from some of the best manufacturers including Integral, Samsung, Epistar, Meanwell and Ltech.

These LED strips are a quick way to re-invent your bedroom as these strip lights are easy to install.  It’s a fun and easy way for transforming any bedroom, especially children’s and teenage bedrooms. Colourful LED lighting strips have become a very popular way to make over children’s bedrooms. These changeable lights will provide young children and teens to makeover their bedrooms and help them to display their individuality.  

Remote-controlled multi-coloured LED lighting is also available to you to create and adjust the setting, colour & ambience to your liking. LED strip lights will also enhance even the ceiling in a bedroom. A common way many teenagers and adults decorate their bedrooms with LED lights is by placing them on the ceiling to outline the shape of the bedroom. 



Led Light for Bedroom Ceiling:

With a focus on easy-to-install LED lighting, we have developed our own unique range of LED strip lighting specifically designed for longevity and reliability that would be suitable for all types of bedrooms for all ages.

Composite LED Coving is our latest LED lighting accessory, this is a lightweight composite coving. Available in five different profiles, we have the ideal product to subtly install the LED strip lights and create an atmosphere to suit any bedroom.

Coving lighting describes LED lighting using a continuous strip of light. This is usually installed around the top edge of a wall or the outer edge of a ceiling. Moulded from light, easy-to-use material. The LED profiles we sell are a one-man job, meaning a quick, hassle-free installation. This type of LED lighting is commonly seen in YouTube and Twitch streamer’s rooms.


LED Lights in a Composite Covinhg around the Bedroom Cieling

Top 6 LED Lights for your Bedroom:

1.) Ultra Warm LED Strip Lighting can be used to create a cosy mood light, for any bedroom. This can be commonly seen being used to outline certain features of the room, including bed frames.

Ultra Warm LED Light Strips


2.) Our RGBW LED strip lights are ideal when a colour-changing light and white light are required in one location from one LED strip. These RGBW LED Controllers can control both the white and colour-changing light LEDs together.

RGBW RED LED Strip Light


3.) RGB(W) Multi-Zone Wireless Remote Controller – 8 Zone Colour Changing lights don’t need wiring! These lights come with a touch-sensitive RF Remote controller, which is easy to install, set up and operate. 


RGB(W) Multi-Zone Wire Strip Controller


4.) Dimmer switches are available to create low lighting with the Q1 Multi-Zone Dimmer RF Remote Controller. The Multi-zone remote is used for dimming/switching up to 4 zones of white/single-colour LED lights.

LTECH Dimmer Switches


5.) LED Neon Flex consists of a strong, flexible IP67-rated silicone housing that lights from one edge. LED Neon Flex produces a continuous line of light. It isn’t as bright/energy-efficient compared to traditional LED Strips (due to the inbuilt diffuser), however, it’s appearance makes it ideal for display or feature lighting. 

LED Neon Flex Light Strips in blue


6.) Mean Well 200 Watt LED Driver 24V IP67 (XLG-200-24-A) . This LED Driver features a live, neutral and earth input, which can be wired to the mains supply, and a 24-volt output (red and black) to connect directly to our single colour LED Strip Lights. To power our RGB(W) Colour Changing LED Strip Lights, connect directly with the RGB(W) Colour Controller.

Mean Well 200 Watt LED Driver 12V IP67 (XLG-200-12-A)



Buyers Guide FAQ: 

What quantity of LED lighting strips do I need?

Depending on the bedroom size, where would you like to apply the light strips on the wall, use coving or apply directly onto a ceiling? It’s all down to personal preference.

What budget should you have for LED light products?  

LED lighthouse supplies quality LED lighting at affordable prices. The key factors in purchasing these LED products are to ensure quality and fair pricing.

How long will it take to install LED Strip Lights?

These LED strip lights are quick and easy to install by yourself. Unless, if you’re using Coving lighting, you may need help to ensure this is installed correctly.

Where to put LED lights in your bedroom?

1.)  Over the headboard

2.)  Around the furniture

3.)  On your shelves

4.)  Corners of the Ceiling 

5.)  Around your mirror

6.)  Above your closet

7.)  Around picture frames

What are LED light strips?

LED strip lights consist of a thin flexible circuit board, made of copper with LEDs mounted at regular intervals to the front and a self-adhesive tape to the back.

What colours can I choose from?

We have a wide range of LED light colours for you to choose from. We have our Single Colour LED Strips which are in cool-white, warm-white, red, green, blue and pink. We also have our White Adjustable CCT Lights which change between cool-white and ultra-warm. We finally have our multi-coloured light strips which can change into multiple colours.

Which product brands do we sell?

We offer LED strip lights and components from some of the best manufacturers including Integral, Samsung, Epistar, Meanwell and Ltech.

How long do LED light strips last?

Our LED Light Strips have a lifespan of 50,000 hours of light, which has been made possible by operating each individual LED at 75% of its light capacity. This does not compromise on its brightness thanks to our technology the LEDs will still retain their brightness but will have a longer lifespan.

How much do LED lights cost?

Our LED Light Strips are priced between £8 and £20 per metre, depending on the type of strip. These are some of the highest quality LEDs on the market with long life spans and energy efficiency.



LED Driver Calculator

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Try our LED Driver calculator to work out the size of the LED power supply required for your LED installation.

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