In-depth Guide to Our LED Strip Lights

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Welcome to LED Lighthouse, your beacon in the vast sea of lighting solutions! We specialise in high-quality LED Light Strips, designed to meet the diverse needs of Electricians, seasoned contractors, and DIY enthusiasts. 

But what sets our LED strips apart in a market saturated with similar-looking products? Let’s illuminate!

Quality of our LED Strip Lights

Most LED strips look similar at a glance. However (like most electronics), there’s a huge difference on closer inspection. Our LED strip lights aren’t the cheapest available; that’s not our focus.

We’re dedicated to selling high-quality LED Strip Lights at a reasonable price. We have a strong reputation for quality and technical knowledge second to none which makes us the best choice.

*In fact ours work out cheapest in the long run, because they last longer.

We have supplied LED Strip directly to electrical wholesalers, signage companies, sauna installers, home cinema and audio visual installers, restaurants, commercial contractors, film production companies, kitchen fitters, electricians and domestic users.

LED Tape Lights – Built to our design!

Design features include:

  1. 1.) Double-thickness circuit board – Better heat sink for LEDs and improved reliability
  2. 2.) White circuit board – attractive appearance with better light reflection
  3. 3.) Top-grade LEDs manufactured by Epistar and Sanan – Bright, efficient and reliable
  4. 4.) Quality resistors – Important for reliable efficient LED strip lights
  5. 5.) High copper content (1 or 2 ounce copper) circuit board – More efficient, reduced voltage drop, brighter, cooler operating temperature
  6. 6.) Genuine 3M self-adhesive backing – Ensures a secure fit

Man looking at illuminated LED Strip lights

LED Strip Lights- Designed to last

Our LED Strip circuits are designed not to overpower the LEDs. LEDs are designed to work within a specific current range. To make an LED strip Light brighter at no extra cost, a manufacturer could design the circuit to increase the electrical current to each LED. 

Unfortunately for many manufacturers, it’s common practice. Overpowering an LED has a detrimental effect on an LED’s life span. We take care to slightly underpower each LED, keeping it within the specified current rating.

Benefits of our Nano Tech Waterproof Coating

  • Our Nano Tech ultra-thin waterproof coating is lighter, and thinner and offers better protection than gel coating.
  • Keeps a low operating temperature, which extends the lifespan of the LEDs.
  • Protects against steam and water ingress, unlike non-waterproof LED strip lighting.
  • Doesn’t discolour over time as traditional gel/silicone waterproof coatings can.
  • The lighter LED strip is less likely to unstick itself.

Types of LED Strips:

Navigating through the sea of LED strip options can be daunting, but we’re here to guide you. Whether you’re renovating a commercial property or DIYing your home, our diverse range of LED strips cater to various applications, ensuring a tailored fit for every project. Let’s delve into some of the options we offer:

RGB LED Strip Lights:

RGB Lights are available in 12V with 30 to 60 LED/m and 24V with 60 LED/m, all IP65 rated. Ideal for vibrant signage for restaurants or ambient lighting in home cinemas.

RGBW LED Strip Lights:

Offered in both 12V and 24V, these RGBW IP65-rated strips bring a balance of colour and white light, perfect for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Splashproof Single Colour LED Strip Lights:

Available in Blue, Green, Orange/Amber, Pink, and Red, both in 12V and 24V. These splashproof strips are excellent for accent lighting in commercial and residential setups.

Ultra Warm LED Strip Light:

This Ultra Warm IP65-rated strip provides a warm and inviting glow, suitable for creating a cosy atmosphere in hospitality or residential settings.

CCT Adjustable White LED Strip:

With options in 12V and 24V, adjust the colour temperature to suit the mood or need of the environment, providing versatility in application. Check out the CCT Adjustable White Strip Light Range.

From creating an atmospheric dining experience in restaurants to highlighting the architectural features of a business property, our LED strips have illuminated countless projects, making LED Lighthouse a trusted name for contractors, electricians, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

COB LED Strip Lights:

Featuring 12V and 24V options with 1000 lumens/m and a special COB RGBW variant in 24V. COB LED Strips offer high-intensity and uniform illumination, ideal for various commercial projects.

Bendable Zig Zag LED Strip Light:

The Bendable ZIG Zag IP65-rated strip light enables creative installations around corners and curves, opening up new possibilities in lighting design.

High Luminosity LED Strip Lights:

Ranging from 500 to 1300 lumens/m, available in both 12V and 24V, these strips, including the Edge Lit and HD variants, are designed to meet high brightness requirements in diverse applications.

SL Series White LED Strip Lights:

The SL series, available in various luminosities and voltages, offers versatility and reliability for a range of white lighting needs, ensuring every project is illuminated to perfection.

Installation Guides and Tips:

With LED Lighthouse, installation is a breeze! Our user-friendly installation guide, “Cutting, Connecting and Installing LED Strip Lights“, is your go-to resource for a seamless setup, whether you’re a seasoned electrician or embarking on a DIY project with a start-up loan.

Home Installation of LED Strips

What are the best LED Strip Lights to buy?

There are several factors involved when considering the “best LED Strip Light to buy”. What’s “best” for one installation might not be “best” for another.

Considerations Include:

  1. 1.) Light Colour
  2. 2.) Brightness
  3. 3.)LED strip Dimensions
  4. 4.) Direction of Light Output
  5. 5.) Waterproof Rating
  6. 6.) Warranty Period and Customer Care

Which Strip Lights to Buy

1.) Light Colour, choose from different shades of white (ultra warm, warm, natural, pure, cool), fixed single colours (red, green, blue, pink, orange), colour changing RGB, colour change and white (RGBW).

2.) Brightness, the total amount of light output, measured in lumens. Task and display lighting tends to require brighter LED Strips with a higher lumen output. Accent and mood lighting benefits from being less bright, to create a subtle lighting effect.

3.) LED Strip Dimensions, length, width and thickness. LED Strips are usually manufactured in lengths of 5m or 10m depending on the voltage of the circuit board. Most of our LED strips are available in cut lengths, to the nearest metre. In addition to the length, it’s worth checking the width and thickness of an LED strip before purchase to ensure it will fit in the intended location.

4.) The direction of light output, front or side lit? Most LED strips light out from the front, perpendicular to the mounted surface. However, side-lit LED strips are also available, lighting out of the side of the LED strip, parallel to the mounted surface.

5.) Waterproof Rating, ranging from IP22 to IP68. IP stands for Ingress Protection. LED strips with no protective coating have a rating of IP22. They don’t provide any protection against water ingress.

Most of our LED strips have a rating of at least IP65, guarding against water droplets and moisture in the atmosphere, and are ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors. IP68 Waterproof LED Strips are fully submersible, giving the ultimate in water protection.

6.) Warranty Period indicates the retailer’s confidence in quality and reliability. Providing the retailer is well established and able to honour their warranty, go for the longest warranty period possible. We offer 5 years warranty on most of our LED strips and have been established since 2011.

Check out the 5 LED Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen and LED Bedroom Lighting Ideas for 2023.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact:

In a world conscious of its ecological footprint, our LED strips shine bright! Energy-efficient and manufactured with eco-friendly practices, our products contribute to sustainability while helping you save on energy costs, a critical consideration for business start-ups mindful of business setup costs.

Check out more about the energy efficiency of LED Strips at this blog; Energy Efficiency of LED Light Strips vs Incandescent Lighting

LEDs In Shopping Centre Ceiling

Innovation of Smart LED Strips

Innovation and Future Developments:

At LED Lighthouse, we’re always exploring new horizons, striving to be at the forefront of lighting technology. Stay tuned for upcoming innovations and developments in LED technology, as we continue to light the way towards a brighter, more efficient future in lighting solutions.

A growing trend we have actively embraced is smart connectivity. We have developed solutions that enable our LED Strips to be configured for control via smartphones, allowing users greater flexibility and convenience in managing their lighting environments.

This advancement signifies our commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology, ensuring our customers have access to the latest and most efficient lighting control solutions.

Customisation Options

At LED Lighthouse, we bring your vision to light with an array of customization options, tailored to meet diverse needs. Dive into a spectrum of colours with our RGB and RGBW strips, or finely tune the ambience with our CCT Adjustable White LED Strips, catering to every mood and setting. 

Our single-colour LED strips provide a steadfast glow in a variety of hues, ideal for creating distinct accents and focal points. From the warm allure of Ultra Warm strips to the clear brilliance of Pure White, we offer a range of colour temperatures to harmonize with the function and aesthetic of each space.

Every project is unique, which is why our LED strips are available in varied lengths, from 1m to 10m, ensuring a perfect fit for both nuanced highlights and expansive illuminations. With LED Lighthouse, the possibilities are as limitless as your creativity, enabling personalized lighting solutions that resonate with individuality and innovation.

Customising Colour Temperatures

Troubleshooting and Maintenance:

Encountering a hiccup? Our Troubleshooting Guide is here to help you navigate through common issues and ensure your LED strips continue to shine bright. Are your LED Strips flickering or not sticking check out our guides.

Whether you’re a contractor, an electrician, or diving into a DIY project, LED Lighthouse is your trusted partner in high-quality LED Light Strips. Illuminate your path with us and experience the difference in quality, innovation, and sustainability. Contact us today and let us light the way to your successful project!


LED Driver Calculator

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Try our LED Driver calculator to work out the size of the LED power supply required for your LED installation.

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