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LED strip lighting is becoming increasingly popular in camper vans, motorhomes and caravans, both in self-built and professional applications.

LED Strip Lights in Campervans and Motorhomes

LED strip lighting is becoming increasingly popular in camper vans, motorhomes and caravans, both in self-built and professional applications. As the applications change for LED strip lights so does the technology behind it, our DC voltage regulator is able to adjust the voltage coming from your campervans battery to a constant 12v to prevent damage to the LED lights and prolong their life span. The benefits of LED lights in campervans and caravans are as limitless as in the home, they are readily available in 12v to suit the power supply from the motorhome’s battery.


LED strip lights are as versatile as they are user-friendly. All our 12v LED strip lighting you see listed here can be used in your installation, including our IP68-rated encapsulated 12v RGB strip which is ideal for external installations such as in an awning fitted to your caravan or motor home. As campervans, motorhomes and caravans become increasingly popular so do the features available. Bringing our LED strip lights into your campervan can put a modern touch into any environment. We can help to design your specific LED strip installation to ensure you get the right LED lighting for your vehicle.


Van Ceiling Lighting


Vans, Trucks and Bus lighting

As vehicle customisation becomes more and more mainstream, so do the accessories available. LED strip lighting has multiple applications in trucks, vans and buses. From comfort lighting in the cab and passenger areas to using LED strip lighting on the exterior of a vehicle for visual effect and safety. LED strip lights are already being used by van and truck manufacturers to give their vehicles a modern and professional finish.

Our LED strip light can be used in almost any application, making it ideal for your home away from home. Supplied in 24v, our LED strip is ideal for anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their van or truck. As with any 24v supply from an van battery, the voltage can fluctuate. This can damage the LED lights and impact their life span. A 24v voltage regulator is an ideal solution, controlling a constant 24v supply to your LED strip. We can help put together the right LED lights to give the professional installation you require for your van or truck. All our LED strips can be used in your van in various ways.


12v/24v Voltage Regulator.

The electricity produced from a vehicle’s battery is not constantly produced at 12v/24v. A campervan or motorhome can produce up to 14.5v at certain times. Similarly, an HGV or bus battery can produce up to 26v. A voltage regulator is able to keep the voltage supplied to the LED strip at a constant of 12v/24v depending on the supply needed. Wiring the LED lighting strip directly to the battery will reduce the life of the LEDs and may damage the chips. The insufficient power supply would also see the LED strip lights dim and not perform as well as they should.

In order to make the most of the LED strip light in your campervan or motorhome, a voltage regulator is an ideal solution. If you choose to place the LED Strip on the outside of your vehicle then you need to make sure you select the correct Ip Rating of Led Strips to protect the LEDs from the weather.


LED Driver Calculator

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Try our LED Driver calculator to work out the size of the LED power supply required for your LED installation.

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