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24V RGBW LED Strip Lights (60 LED/Metre) IP65 Nano Tech

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24V RGBW strip available in lengths of up to 10 metres making it ideal for larger installations. It has the same energy consumption and producers the same light output as our 12V RGBW strip but is not limited to 5 metre lengths.

The difference between 12V and 24V LED Strips

  • Colour controllers can control twice the amount of strip at 24V.
  • Up to 10m of 24V strip can be powered in series, compared to 5m at 12V.
  • The maximum length of a single strip is 5m at 12V and 10m at 24V.
  • 12V LED strip can be cut every 3 LEDs, 24V every 6 LEDs.

Nanotech Flexible LED Strip Light IP65 With High Grade Sanan RGBW LEDs

Our RGBW LED Strip features the latest integrated LED giving a superior colour mix and colour strength compared with separate RGB and White chips. Consisting of 60 RGBW LEDs per metre. LEDs are mounted on a white PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Our RGBW strip lights have a 3M self adhesive backing for easy installation.

Manufactured using ultra efficient RGBW LEDs from Sanan, waterproof to IP65 rating using waterproof nanocoating; almost invisible and highly effective.

Nano Tech LED Strip Advantages

  • Better heat dissipation than standard waterproof (Gel/Silicone coated) LED Strips.
  • Lower temperature: extends life of LEDs, reduces light decay.
  • Protects against steam and water damage.
  • No discolouring of waterproof coating.
  • LEDs are mounted on a white PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for an attractive finish.

Strip Lengths

This strip is sold by the metre. 24v LED Strip Lights are manufactured and supplied in 10m lengths, so purchases of strips less than 10m in length are non-returnable after they have been cut to size for you.

We supply 10 metre strips with an input cable at both ends. Shorter strips have an input cable at one end.

You can cut the strip to length yourself (with scissors), to as small as every 6 LEDs (10cm).

Up to 10 metres of LED strip can be wired in series with the controller. Additional LED strips need to be connected in parallel (see the Diagram).

24V Power Supply

You need a LED 24 Volt Driver to power LED flexible strip. Each metre of this strip requires 14.4 watts, so choose a driver powerful enough to supply the total wattage required.

Power Requirement

Strip Length (M) 12345678910
Power (W) 152944587287101116130144

Colour Controller

You need a colour controller to control RGBW LED flexible strip. The controller allows the selection of different colours and lighting effects. Our controllers also allow the strip to be dimmed.

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Energy Rating A
LED Quantity 60 LED/Metre
LED Type/Brand Integrated RGBW
Luminous flux (light output) 1080 lm/m (White)
Power Consumption 14.4 W/m
Average life 50,000 hours
Input Voltage 24 V DC
Dimmable Yes
Colour Various, depends on controller used.
Beam angle 120°
Cable Length 300mm
Waterproof Rating IP65
Width 12mm
Thickness 3mm
Warranty 5 Years
LED RGBW 24v Strip connection diagram