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RAKO Controls For LED Strips

RAKO LED Strip Controllers

RAKO Controllers for LED Strips

We sell a vast range of LED Strip Controllers, however occasionally we get enquiries for RAKO lighting controls. RAKO is a popular lighting control system, manufactured in the UK and catering to the top end of the market. Lights are controlled with RAKO light switches with the option of a centralised wifi controller. It's usually possible to add LED strip into an existing RAKO system or plan a new RAKO system around a new LED strip installation.

RAKO Compatible LED Strips

All our LED strips are compatible with RAKO, providing the correct RAKO controllers are used. Contact us for details

Interested in RAKO? We can help!

Thanks to the diverse range of products, RAKO systems are usually installed throughout a property in order to control the full lighting installation. RAKO isn't generally available for retail customers to buy and install themselves, it's recommended to use a fully trained RAKO installer. Although we cannot supply RAKO products directly, we work closely with RAKO and can put you in touch with a qualified installer in your area, simply Contact us. We can supply LED drivers and LED strip and work with RAKO to plan the best installation for your project.

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