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Simply Quality LED Lighting

LED Spike Garden Lights

Brighten your Garden with our brilliant LED Spike Lights

Our ultra bright LED Spike Garden Lights provide an attractive outdoor lighting solution to illuminate your garden making outdoor spaces more usable in the evenings. With a fraction of the running costs compared to traditional lighting solutions they can also be used as security lighting throughout the night.

Our LED spike lights are so efficient without compromising on brightness – enjoy the view outside even when it's dark.

The spike light kit is very popular and has everything included to run 3 spike lights. We also sell the LED lights, drivers and extension cable separately.

Put a Large Bespoke kit together!

Spike lights are available as a Plug 'n' Go kit of 3 or 4 lights. However it is possible to create a bespoke kit which can easily contain up to 40 lights! Here's an example of how a small bespoke kit could be wired:

Example of a bespoke kit

A waterproof connection will be required when joining the power supply to the spike light circuit - contact us for advice. For a bespoke kit simply choose a Power Supply which is large enough to power the quantity of lights you require. Please see list below for guidance:

36W Driver - 6 Lights
60W Driver - 10 Lights
100W Driver - 16 Lights
150W Driver - 25 Lights
240W Driver - 40 Lights

Extension cables are available to space the lights and 3 or 4 way splitters are available to connect the cables together.

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