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LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights From Award Winning UK Based Integral!

We're pleased to offer a full range of LED Flood lights from UK based LED specialist Integral. Attractive, robust and reliable with the peace of mind of a 2 year warranty. Often flood lights are used for prolonged periods of time, by using LED technology the running costs are dramatically reduced.

Great for security lighting, outdoor sports facilities or illuminating large indoor spaces.

LED flood lights are often positioned in hard to reach places - our Integral LED floodlights have been designed with reliability in mind. Once installed you shouldn't have to access them for many years, reducing maintenance costs and replacement bulbs.

Why not add a motion sensor or a dusk till dawn sensor to your installation. Our LED flood lights don't have built in sensors because it's often beneficial to have separate sensors. Using separate sensors adds flexibility. Sensors can be positioned in a different location to light(s) and can be wired to activate multiple lights simultaneously. For instance you may want a security light to light your driveway as soon as your property is entered.

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