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Mean Well 100 Watt 24V DC Voltage Regulator

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24V 100 Watt DC Voltage Regulator

Manufactured by Mean Well. Widely considered as one of the leading voltage regulator manufacturers.

The Mean Well SD-100A-24 can stabilise the fluctuating voltage from a 24V battery to a consistent 24V supply. The SD-100A-24 is wired in series before the LED strip lights. The voltage regulator has 7 terminals: positive and negative input, 2 positive and 2 negative output terminals and an earth terminal. If required this can then be wired in to one of our controllers (the specific controller will depend on the strip you choose) and then connect to the LED Lighting Strip. The Mean Well SD-100A-24 is capable of powering up to 100 Watts of LED Light Strip. When using our colour changing LED strip an RGB Colour Controller will be required to set the colours.

Not Waterproof, the voltage regulator must be installed in a suitable location or a water proof housing.

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Input Voltage 19-36V AC
Output Voltage 24V DC
Output Power 100W
Output type Constant Voltage
Length 199mm (plus mounting shoulders)
Width 98mm
Depth 38mm
Warranty 2 Years

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Circuit Diagram

Voltage Regulator Circuit Diagram

  • Model: SD-100A-24