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Simply Quality LED Lighting

LED Driver Power Supplies

LED Drivers- Designed to power our LED Strip Lights

Our LED Strip lights require a 12V or 24V supply. Traditional transformers are not suitable for LED as they're often not stable enough. An LED Driver is designed specifically for the job.

Standard or dimmable LED Driver Power Supply?

  • Standard LED Drivers: Suitable for lighting circuits with no dimmer control, or a dimmer/controller is used but after the LED Driver in the circuit.
  • Mains Dimmed LED Drivers: Suitable when a traditional Triac/Leading/Trailing mains dimmer switch is used.
  • 0/1-10V Dimmed LED Drivers: Suitable when a 0/1-10V dimmer switch is used.

Our LED drivers are available in different power ratings (measured in Watts). Check the power rating (in Watts) of all the LED lights you want the driver to power, then select the driver which has a power rating above or equal to the total Wattage.

Low Voltage DC Regulators

Required when using a vehicle battery to power LED Strip Lights. Often the voltage from a vehicle battery runs too high (when the battery is charging) or too low, resulting in under performance and damage to the LED lights. A voltage regulator is designed to stabilise the voltage and supply a constant 12/24V as required from the battery.