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RGB(W) Wired LED Touch Panel Controller E4S

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Wired Single Zone wall mounted RGB(W) Controller, touch sensitive glass screen

Our LED colour controller is suitable for a 12V or 24V RGB or RGBW LED strip lights. Touch sensitive colour wheel for quick and easy light colour selection.

This colour controller has dimming and fading options (adjustable fade speed with the ability to fade through and use every possible colour). White light can also be selected on the colour wheel.

The controller has a 'W' button which only functions if RGBW strip is used or RGB strip plus white light strip is connected. Press the 'W' button to turn on/off the white LED's, long press to adjust the white brightness.

12-24V RGB or RGBW LED strip and a suitable standard low voltage LED driver wire directly into the back of this controller.

Same size as a standard UK wall switch. Compatible with standard 35mm deep plastic back boxes, back box is not included.

Key Product Features

  • Touch sensitive colour wheel, select from 64 colours.
  • Colour scroll and colour jump options.
  • Dimming adjustment.
  • Speed adjustment.
  • Each touch is confirmed with a quiet musical chord and LED indicator light.
  • Pioneered T-PWM dimming technology+ 4096 gray scale gives a perfectly smooth colour mixing and dimming performance.
  • High accuracy touch sensors with IC+special post-processing gives precise touch control.
  • Suitable for 12V or 24V DC circuits.
  • Direct wired connection with RGB, RGBW or RGB+W LED strip lights.
  • Same size as a standard UK light switch.
  • Sleek design with high grade tempered glass front panel.

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Remote Control: An 'F4' remote control could be purchased allowing remote operation of this switch. Alternately an 'F8' remote control could control multiple switches up to a maximum of 4 individual zones.

N.B When using the WiFi or remote control options, a plastic back box must be used when installing this switch. Metal back boxes shield the wireless signal so are not suitable.

Touch Controller Specification

Input Voltage DC12V-24V
Maximum Power Output RGBW Strip: 144W/288W, RGB Strip: 108W/216W at 12V/24V
Gray scale level 4096
Working temperature -20℃ - 55℃
Dimensions L86×W86×D36mm
Fixing Screw Centres 60mm
Warranty 5 Years

  • Model: E4S

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