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RGB(W) WiFi-106 LED Strip Controller Single or Multi-Zone

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Control up to 12 zones of LED lighting.

Single or multi zone control for Dimming, CCT colour temperature, RGB or RGBW Colour Changing lights using your mobile phone!

Key product features

  • Control LED strip lighting with your Smartphone
  • Supports both IOS products (iPod, iPhone, iPad...) and Android products (Samsung, HTC...)
  • Free app download available from Google Play and iTunes (WIFI-106)
  • Connect with your phone/device directly or through your local Wi-Fi network
  • Wireless connection to local Wi-Fi network router.
  • Timing function allows lighting effects/scenes to be automated by the day of the week and time of the day.
  • Can be used as a dimmer controller, colour temperature controller or colour controller for RGB or RGBW LED Strips - Altogether there are 4 interface options, each one designed especially for the LED Strip used.
  • Each WiFi controller can control up to 12 lighting zones. These 12 zones can be controlled separately or simultaneously.
  • LED Strip can be wired directly to this controller unless more then one zone of lighting is required or a 'E' or 'EX' series touch panel is also used. For multi-zone installations wireless zone receivers (F4-5A) are required, one for each zone.
  • Control multiple Wi-Fi-106 controllers separately or simultaneously when connected through a local Wi-Fi network. Each controller on the network can still control up to 12 zones each.
  • Remote controller (F12) included - allows 8 bespoke Scenes to be recalled plus the ability to turn all lights on or off.
  • All of our 'E' and 'EX' series touch panels can be added into this system offering the user fixed dedicated wall mounted control. The WIFI-106 controller and the 'E' or 'EX' series touch panels connect to the same wireless zone receivers. If the LED lights are connected to the touch panels by wire (DMX or low voltage cable); the WIFI-106 can control the 'E' and 'EX' series touch panel directly.

Apple IOS app: WiFi106 LED Controller

Android app: WiFi106 LED Controller

Software Requirements - Android 4.0 or above, iOS 8.0 or above.

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Zone Receivers: Useful when more than one zone of lighting requires control and/or a touch wall panel controller with multi-zones is integrated into the system. The WiFi controller transmits a wireless RF signal that can be received by wireless F4-5A zone control receivers. The 'control receivers' then control a zone of lighting each.

Wall Touch Controller: With the addition of a touch panel controller, wireless zone receivers (F4-5A) already used by the WiFi-106 can be controlled from a touch panel.

Click here to view full WiFi 106 Instruction Manual


Communication standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 802.11b/g/n protocol
Input voltage DC12V~DC24V
Max current load 4A x4CH Max 16A
Max output power 192W/384W(12V/24V)
Control distance up to 100m
Working temperature -30℃ - 55℃
Dimensions L128×W73×H45mm
Warranty 5 Years

  • Model: WIFI-106