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Simply Quality LED Lighting

LED Dimmers

Options when Dimming white or single colour 12V or 24V LED Strip Lights

Mains Voltage Dimming

Mains Voltage Dimming is suitable when a "traditional" wall mounted dimmer switch must be used. A "Dimmable Mains to low voltage" LED Driver must also be used to power the lighting.

Mains Voltage dimming circuit for LED Strip Lights

12/24V Dimming

12V/24V Dimming is the most popular way of dimming our LED Strip. A 12V/24V dimmer controller and a standard 12V/24V LED Driver must be used. It usually offers a better range of dimming compared to mains dimming and allows remote control, wifi or touch panel dimming.

LED RGB Strip connection diagram

0/1-10V Dimming

0/1-10V Dimming is usually used for commercial or large domestic LED Strip installations. A 0/1-10V dimmer switch is required to generate the 0/1-10V control signal. A 0/1-10V dimmable Driver receives the 0/1-10V control signal and PWM dims the output at 12 or 24V (depending on the Driver). Multiple 0/1-10V Drivers can be used with one dimmer switch allowing for a large setup with smooth and gradual dimming range.

Dimmable 0/1-10V LED Driver Circuit Diagram

Dimming RGB(W) Colour Changing LED Strip Lights

RGB(W) LED Strip is controlled by a Colour Controller which dims as well as colour change. No additional dimmer control can be used from this section for RGB(W) lights.