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LT-870S-5A Wireless DMX Transceiver

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Wireless DMX Transceiver

Designed to bridge DMX signals over large distances wirelessly. This unit can be operated in two ways. It can either transmit (convert a wired DMX signal into a wireless DMX signal) or receive (convert a wireless DMX signal into a wired DMX signal). Each unit has a maximum communication distance of 350m. However relay points can be used to extend the distance further if necessary.

It's an ideal solution for instances where it's not practical to run DMX cables.

This transceiver is often used to broadcast a DMX signal throughout large spaces like shopping centres (the DMX signal can be assigned an ID via dip switches to ensure other wireless DMX networks remain unaffected). Once a signal is broadcast additional transceivers can be used in receiving mode to control DMX lighting. Alternatively wireless DMX decoders (LT-874S-5A) could receive the signal in order to control low voltage lighting by PWM signal (RGBW LED Strip for instance).

The transceiver requires a low voltage supply of 5-24V DC and a DMX signal from a DMX master controller in order to function.

The controller has two fixing points situated on the base so it can be screwed down. It has screw terminals on the input and output for easy connection into the lighting circuit.


Input/Output signal DMX512 (wired or wireless)
Voltage 5V~24V DC
Working Frequency 2.4GHz
Max. Transmission Power 20dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -96dBm
Max. Communication Distance 350m
Dimensions (mm) 175L 44W 30H
Warranty 5 Years

  • Model: LT-870S