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Single colour LEDs can be controlled with a dimmer

We stock a variety of LED Dimmer controllers suitable for dimming mains or low voltage light fittings.

RGB and RGBW colour changing LED lights require a colour controller

The difference between multi-zone and single zone RGB and RGBW colour controllers:

If you wish to control separate zones of lighting using one colour controller then a multi-zone colour controller is required. If you only need to control a single zone of lighting and it's possible to feed each LED strip/bulb with a cable from the controller then a single zone RGB or RGBW controller is adequate.

What's the difference between RGBW and RGB colour controllers?

RGB Controllers have the capacity to control red, green and blue light. RGBW Controllers can control dedicated white LED lights in addition to red, green and blue lights.

RGB colour controllers are usually used to control RGB LED strips/bulbs. However all our RGBW controllers can also be used with RGB lights - it just leaves the white function of the controller redundant. RGBW lights can only be fully operated using RGBW colour controllers.

All our Colour Controllers are suitable for 12V or 24V LED Lighting!

When using our colour controllers with 12V lighting simply power the circuit with a 12V supply. For 24V lights supply the colour controller with 24V, the controller will do the rest!

Stockist Of Ltech Controllers

Most of our LED controllers are manufactured by Ltech - market leaders in LED control. Ltech design and build their own products, most products are covered with a 5 year warranty.