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B22 LED Bulbs

Our Bayonet B22 LED Bulbs are True 60W Incandescent Replacements

We stock the best B22 Bayonet LED bulbs incorporating the latest LED filament technology. Our 6W B22 LED bulb can now offer a true alternative to a 60W incandescent bulb. As with all our products we've chosen the highest specification which includes special high output LED's and quality driver components to offer what we believe to be the brightest most reliable bayonet LED bulb on the market.

LED Filament Technology Built into a Bayonet Bulb

Before LED filament technology, there wasn't a B22 LED bulb available that we felt could replace a traditional 60W B22 filament bulb. Our Bayonet LED bulbs are so good that they're often mistaken for incandescent bulbs when lit.

A True Retrofit B22 LED Bulb - Bayonet Cap (BC)

All our bayonet LED bulbs are designed to fit into existing bayonet fittings, making the job of replacing old inefficient bulbs very simple. Our B22 LED Bulbs are also built to last up to 50 times longer than standard halogen or filament light bulbs with a bayonet fitting. LED technology guarantees a substantial reduction in running costs, using just a fraction of the energy drawn by a standard filament or halogen bulb. Upgrading your B22 bulbs to LED has never made more sense, it's well worth it in the long run!

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