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Overall Excellent

Sunday 13 April, 2014

What I cannot yet evaluate is the quality of the product since I haven't had the bulbs long enough to test their durability and I don't know enough to compare them to other bulbs. My "excellent" rating is based on 2 things - the range of products provided and the quality of the customer support which I received. LED Lighthouse appears to have a larger range of products than most other sites and than my local suppliers. I was especially pleased to see that there was a substantial range of bulbs with a quality of light between the very yellow cast of "warm white" and the very blue cast of cool white. I originally ordered a set of 12 bulbs for a whole new set of lights in my hall/ landing and thought that I needed 50 watt equivalent bulbs. When these arrived we put a couple in and it became apparent that they were two bright. I rang LED Lighthouse's customer service who immediately said that they would accept these as a return for cash. I had intended to re-order immediately, but was glad to have the extra time to think through my purchase. I was, however, in no doubt that my refund (which came through promptly) was going back to them for another set of bulbs. There were things about the website which I would improve - especially the assumption that people buying LEDs were all upgrading from halogen. As someone who is mostly going directly from incandescents to LEDs some of the advice was not as helpful as I would have wished. Especially there point which was - I eventually realised - considered obvious by anyone accustomed to halogens and LEDs. When you switch from incandescents you are leaving behind the world where one single bulb is enough for most situations. Even a large room is catered for by several different light fittings each with a single bulb. LEDs do not work on this principle. You have to replace your single fitting with a multi-bulb fitting. Your first decision may, therefore, be "How many bulbs do I need in this situation? And in order to answer that question, you need to consider how bright the bulbs are going to be and how dispersed you want the light to be and several other factors, such as whether you are looking for spotlight-type bulbs or fixed ones. And so it goes - I looked on the internet in vain for someone who would explain that to me in words of - well, 2 syllables anyway. If what I have said is right, then it took me a lot of time to try to acquire this different way of thinking about light bulbs. Otherwise the general advice was excellent.
Comment from: Philippa Sutton