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Good quality

Wednesday 17 September, 2014

I'm pleased with the LED strip lights, they are of a really good quality and very bright. I was really surprised by the size of package I received, I thought some one my order had been missed, the reels are much smaller than expected. I placed my order about 3pm on Tuesday and received it Friday morning. The only failing of the product was the 3m tape on a long length of the lights which were placed on a horizantal surface (pointing downwards), I had to use some cable clips to keep it in place, the shorter lengths placed on a vertical surface haven't encountered the same problems. We had to upgrade our 6 amp MCB to a type C as there was an initial surge which tripped other lights on the kitchen/extension circuit, this maybe specific to our electrics rather then the strip lights and LED drivers. I would recommend powering the lights and trying which position looks best before removing the backing.
Comment from: Samantha