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When things go Wrong

Thursday 18 September, 2014

The sign of a good company be they distributor or retailer is how they respond to their customers when things go wrong.
This is more important with products such LED lighting as the manufacturing bases are a lot less than the distributors/Retailers of these products.

I ordered some items a few weeks ago and they came the next day and all worked okay. Ordered some more items and they didn't turn up. Checked with our post and no problems were found so contacted LED Lighthouse and the response I got was overwhelmingly good and positive.
They simply sent the items out again and I received them the next day.

Bottom line is there was no fuss or bother and it wasn't even LED Lighthouses fault!

I will be using them again as opposed to other LED Light distributors I've used in the past who as soon as they bank your money they don’t want to know.
Comment from: Keith Bown – Reliance Control Solutions