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Awesome quality and service.

Monday 05 April, 2021

The products are a bit pricey but totally reflect the build quality. The service by the team is great.

Adding cheap delivery options for spares like cables etc would be nice.
Comment from: Vikas Aggarwal

It's all in the detail.

Sunday 04 April, 2021

Having purchased strip from here before, I returned to choose a strip suitable for my project, as this company provides a greater selection and much more detail on the product.
Mainly, I wanted a single 8m strip, 4000k and 14wpm at a reasonable price.
After choosing this strip I visited every other site to compare. None met all the features I needed.
Excellent quality strip now working as I expected.
Comment from: Richard Mussett

Excellent service

Monday 29 March, 2021

After placing an order that included a delivery cost I placed another order that included a delivery cost prior to the first order being shipped. The items were shipped together and one of the delivery costs was refunded. The items I have ordered were delivered very fast and of excellent quality.
Comment from: David Cooper

1st rate

Tuesday 23 March, 2021

1st rate service ,clear web site and reasonable prices
Comment from: Martin Harland

Very helpful staff!

Monday 22 March, 2021

Being new to LED strip lighting I was confused by the range on offer and the supporting components (drivers etc). However I rang up and was guided through what I needed to put together the system I needed for my application (basically lighting inside a water feature). The person I spoke to was knowledgeable and, from my description of what I wanted to achieve, knew exactly what to recommend. Subsequently ordered the kit online which arrived very quickly and works fine in test set up but I am sure will do the job when it is eventually fitted in the water feature. Great service - highly recommended.
Comment from: Michael Pollard