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Simply Quality LED Lighting

Choosing Quality LED Strip Lights

Aren't all LED Strips basically the same ?

Well to be honest most LED strip lights look very similar at a glance. However like most electronic devices, there's a huge difference in quality when you take a closer look. Our LED strip lights aren't the cheapest available and we're very proud of that. We don't aim for cheap! We're concerned with selling high quality products at a fair price. We have worked hard building a strong reputation by providing good quality led strip and associated components, making us the leading supplier of LED Strip in the UK. Our LED Strips are preferred for use in large commercial lighting projects by many electrical contractors throughout the UK.

Why buy LED strip from us?

So what makes our LED Strip Lights the best ? Here's a few reasons:

  • Double thickness circuit board - Better heat sink for LEDs and improved reliabilty
  • White circuit board - Improved appearance with better light reflection
  • Top grade LEDs manufactured by Epistar and Sanan - Bright, efficient and reliable LEDs
  • Quality resistors - Very important for reliable efficient operation
  • High copper content (1-2 ounce copper) circuit board - More efficient, reduced voltage drop, brighter, cooler operating temperature
  • Genuine 3M self adhesive backing - Ensures a secure fit

LED Strip Design

We design our LED Strips to ensure the LEDs are not over powered. LEDs are designed to work within a specific current range. To make an LED strip brighter at no extra cost, a manufacturer could increase the electrical current to each LED. Unfortunately for many manufacturers it's common practice to increase the current up to or beyond the specified rating, destroying the LED within a short period of time.

We specifically design our LED strips to be as high a quality as possible. Even down to the feel of the LED lights, we aim to manufacture our strips to be more robust and better quality than any others on the market. We take pride in visiting the manufacturing center as often as possible to ensure a good sense of quality control, and to continually review new technology in LED production.

Additional benefits of our Nano Tech Waterproof System:

  • Ultra-thin waterproof coating vastly reduces operating temperature of LEDs, extending LED life.
  • Protects against steam and water damage; unlike Non-Waterproof Strip, it's even submersible!
  • Nano Tech coating doesn't discolour over time like traditional gel/silicon waterproof coatings.
  • As the waterproof coating is so thin the LED strip is much lighter therefore less likely to unstick itself.