LED Lighthouse

Suppliers of Quality, Affordable energy saving LED Lighting

LED Lighthouse – established in 2011 with the aim of supplying the latest LED lighting technology at affordable prices.

We provide accurate lighting and product information to aid our customers in making an informed decision, instead of offering wild inflated claims to clinch a sale. This helps ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase.

We pay particular attention when sourcing products, choosing better quality LEDs and electronic components over cheaper alternatives. Although some of our bulbs may look similar to others available on the internet, the internal components may be of higher quality.

Top Quality GU10 LED Bulbs and MR16 LED Bulbs

Our GU10 LED bulbs and MR16 LED bulbs are popular replacements for old halogen dichroic GU10 and MR16 bulbs. We have a great range of LED GU10 bulbs and LED MR16 bulbs in various colours, designs and light outputs. All these LED bulbs give huge energy savings and long life. It's not always easy to access and replace GU10 bulbs; fitting LED GU10 bulbs means regular changes aren't needed.

Benefits and Uses of LED Strip Lights and LED Rigid Strip Bars

LED lighting is becoming very popular around the home, especially the use of LED strip lights and LED Rigid Bars. This type of LED lighting is used under wall cabinet units to light work surfaces or behind coving to provide background illumination. Benefits of using LED strip lights and LED Rigid Bars instead of fluorescent tubes or capsule type halogen spot lights are as follows:

  • LED strip lighting uses up to 90% less energy than halogen and 50% less than fluorescent tubes
  • LED lights last much longer then halogen or fluorescent lighting
  • Super bright 5050 LED Strip lights give a strong even spread of light
  • LED light strips are available in different shades of white light with no UV light emitted.
  • The amount of heat created by LED strip lights is minimal compared to halogen lighting
  • The super slim design of LED strip lighting means you see the light, not the fitting
  • Easy, quick installation of LED strip lighting with self adhesive backing
  • Our LED strip lights are also waterproof to IP65 and run off 12V low voltage, making them safer if they come into contact with water

Huge Energy Savings with our Super Bright LED Floodlights

Reduce your lighting bill by up to 90% when using our LED floodlights instead of traditional lighting technology. Our LED floodlights are often used as security lighting, indoor flood lighting, outdoor sports field lighting in fact anywhere that requires high power flood effect lighting. We offer a selection of LED floodlights including 10 watt, 20 watt and 50 watt power outputs. The added benefit with LED floodlights is longevity, reducing maintenance costs and the inconvenience of changing bulbs.

State of the art LED Downlights and LED Ceiling Lights

Our LED downlights offer an alternative to GU10 and MR16- bulbs. LED downlights and LED Ceiling Lights are generally larger and produce more light, they are also supplied as a complete purpose built unit - no additional frame, lamp holder or transformer required. They are a true replacement for Halogen 50 watt bulbs in terms of light output.

LED Garden Lights - Brilliantly Bright, Ultra Efficient LED Outdoor Lights

With our LED garden lights it's now possible to light your garden without burning a hole in your pocket. Top quality LED outdoor lights, attractive designs, great light output with the latest LED technology built in. Enjoy the outdoors even when it's dark while increasing the security of your home.

Can I replace old light bulbs with LED Spotlights or LED Bulbs?

We stock a variety of LED spotlights and LED bulbs that are direct replacements for old type halogen/filament bulbs. LED light bulbs are very versatile, in most cases it's simply a case of removing the old bulb and installing an up to date high efficiency LED spotlight or LED bulbs.

Next Generation Super Bright LED Lighting

LED lighting technology is progressing at an astonishing rate. Here at LED Lighthouse we pride ourselves in offering some of the brightest, most efficient and reliable LED lighting currently available. Using the latest technology our super bright LED lights won't leave you in the dark.

High Power LED Lights

Often referred to as high power LED lights because of their bright LED light output, they're still relatively efficient. In fact comparing a halogen GU10 bulb with one of our GU10 LED bulbs, the high power LED version uses 80% less electricity while providing a comparable light output. Bright LED lights are now an attractive alternative to traditional lighting.

Warm White, Natural White or Pure White LED Lights?

With current technological advances our LED lighting is offered in three main variants: warm white, natural white and pure white LED lights (often known as day white). Visit our Light Colour Page to view the difference.

LED Lighting Consultation and Fitting Service

In addition to supplying LED lighting, we also offer a consultation and fitting service. We can advise and demonstrate different LED lighting that is suitable to replace existing lights or advise on new LED lighting installations. Not only can we advise and supply new LED lighting but we have a fitting team that can professionally install your new or replacement LED lights.